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First Impressions: War Tech Fighters

First Impressions: War Tech Fighters

Having been invited back to the Green Man Gaming press event, I got the chance to try out another new title that they’re releasing: War Tech Fighters AKA WTF. Name aside, this is a game that strives to be mecha game inspired by anime. Aside from links to godfather of the mecha genre Gundam, this is game that felt like a cross of Eureka Seven and Robotech, although the gameplay itself felt like what ΛLDNOΛH.ZERO would be if it was a game minus the zip wire combat whilst in space.

Okay, anime references aside, this is a game that promises to be a mech RPG with fully customisable mechs called War Techs. Aesthetically the game’s lighting could do with some improvements, where the different models didn’t feel cohesive although this is a very minor nitpick. The core gameplay itself was solid, nothing itself felt beyond the normal scope of a mecha game. Having tasted the very best of mecha games, in the form of a gyropod full of immersive rumbling, the controls on a controller were fine. Not being keen with keyboard and mouse, I can’t really comment on that. My initial gripe with the game was the assistive aim being really aggressive and was almost hindering the ability to shoot. But this was able to turned off luckily, after that I noticed other aspects of the game that bear mentioning.

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Nothing says anime without the flash of light and you're already dead meme.

Typically I understand why a player feels weak, or is limited, it’s part of the core RPG experience. Same goes for the fact I just jumped not fully understanding the control scheme, and the method of playing the game. So these comments are very easily part of the learning experience, but the movement felt slightly awkward. A relatively normal problem that most mecha games struggle to solve, especially on controllers with the limited inputs. Also, this is very much a more western approach of mecha games: favouring less on frantic movement/maneuvers and focusing on more tanking and trading blows. Not a negative, but something to point out for those expecting a game like the Gundam series in a darker and slightly more arena/gauntlet like combat. A preview article will follow soon, being more in-depth in the mechanics and its use theme/narrative.

Owen Chan

Owen Chan

Staff Writer

Is at least 50% anime.

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