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Five Cute Monsters In Monster Hunter World

Five Cute Monsters In Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World might be all about going out and hunting the biggest, meanest, monsters you can find but sometimes you have to stop and wonder. Which ones are the cutest? Well, with the recent release of Monster Hunter World: Iceborne bringing a number of new monsters to the roster, it only seems fitting to list five of the cutest currently in the game.

Now this list isn’t in any particular order nor are these the only cute monsters in the Monster Hunter series. They just happen to be five of cutest you will find within Monster Hunter World: Iceborne.


5: Nargacuga

Starting off our list is none other than Nargacuga, a large flying creature that is covered in pitch black fur. With the characteristics of both a bat and a cat, what isn’t to love about this monster? It’s agile both on the ground and in the air meaning it needs a lot of space to run around. In terms of how cute it is, Nargacuca is just asking to be cuddled with its long tail, cute ears, and what looks like soft fur all over. They might seem angry in their expression but with some time they are sure to warm up to the idea of a goodnight hug.

Besides, those ears are just asking to be rubbed!


4: Dodogama

Now monsters don’t have to be fluffy or pink to be cute as is the case with Dodogama. This large blue monster lives in the Elder’s Recess and is often found devouring rocks. Don’t be fooled though as Dodogama is able to use its diet along with its saliva to produce explosive minerals that it uses to defend itself. Dodogama takes on a lot of the characteristics of your everyday lizard in how it behaves making it a rather slow but charming creature. Its pretty blue scales are not just for show mind you, as this fellow lives in one of the most dangerous areas within the New World. Making Dodogama a study creature with a fairly easy diet to cater for.

It also has one of the best expressions on any of the monsters.


3: Pukei-Pukei

Who doesn’t like a chameleon-like creature? Sure, Pukei-Pukei might be known for unleashing a powerful poison but you can’t deny that it has cute characteristics. Often found in the Ancient Forest, this large monster has a habit of covering scatternuts in poison before spitting them out at any threats that approach it. Speaking of which, Pukei-Pukei has a massive tongue that it can use to attack or gather food. Though it looks like a chameleon, this monster also has feathers which are rather pretty on its green body. Though its poison might make it a bit hard to get near that doesn’t stop Pukei-Pukei from making our hearts melt.

But seriously, don’t touch it.


2: Banbaro

With large antlers and a thick coat to help it live in the snowy landscape of Hoarfrost Reach, Banbaro is a majestic creature for sure. That look is what makes it such a cute monster as it holds its head high with pride. When it comes to combat however, Banbaro is able to use those two giant horns to charge the enemy like a truck and deliver massive amounts of damage. It is even able to dig into the ground and has been known to pick up trees to throw at those who dare challenge it. Due to the size you might not be able to give Banbaro a hug but its thick coat is sure to make a comfy place to sleep should you be able to climb onto it’s back.

Do you think Banbaro likes Christmas?


1: Paolumu

Last but not least is Paolumu. This monster can be found in the Coral Highlands and is a flying creature that is as dangerous as it is fluffy. Able to propel itself through the air using unique sacs in their bodies, Paolumu is a foe to fear. That said the inflatable fluffy neck makes them ever so appealing and has many hunters wondering just how soft they really are. Their fur can also be used to make some cute outfits so there is even more reason to consider this one of the cutest monsters in Monster Hunter World.

I wonder how good a nap on their neck would be.


Honourable mention: Mosswine

Now the Mosswine might not be a big monster. In fact, it doesn’t even fight back when attacked but this tiny creature is one of the cutest out there. They are apparently known for having a great sense of smell and can often be found just foraging in the wilds. Hunters are encouraged to follow a Mosswine if they are looking for mushrooms. Being tiny however does give them an advantage in that unlike everyone else on the list, they can easily be picked up and cuddled. Well, that’s if they don’t run away first.

So there you have it. Five of the cutest monsters in Monster Hunter World. What do you think? Agree or disagree with this list? Let us know in the comments below.

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Acelister - 06:53pm, 6th November 2019

omg these are all horrible and deserve to be hunted.

JudgementalWaifu - 08:49pm, 6th November 2019 Author

They are beauitful don't judge