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Five things I would like to see in Forza Horizon 4

Forza Horizon was a surprise hit for me. I was into Gran Turismo back in my PS1 / 2 days and got into Forza Motorsport from that, and when Horizon came out I didn't give it much thought at first as it looked a lot more casual and wasn't track-based. Once I tried it, however, I was hooked, with so much fun to be had in the open world.
I have played through and completed all three now and with four due out later this year I thought I would put together a list of five things I would love to see in the next installment.


This has already been rumoured as the location for the next game and would make a fantastic setting, hammering it around the neon-lit streets at night, drifting through the hills and generally hooning about, honestly I wouldn't mind if they just straight up ripped off Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift for this one.

Better storyline

Whilst the previous three games had an extremely basic storyline with a couple of off-screen characters bigging you up and providing commentary, I would like to see something more in the next release. It doesn't have to be anything big, maybe something simple and progression based like the old Need for Speed games which would help to connect us more with the main character.

More vehicle customisation

Horizon 3 brought in some interesting mods for the cars with the wide body kits. I would like to see this expanded on in four, and with Tokyo being the rumoured location, there should be lots more options available for a wider range of cars, especially in the visuals department.

Merge the car pass with the expansion pass

I cant see this happening but it would be a nice to see. £24.99 is a lot for a car pass in my opinion, also getting the car pass and not the DLC pass with the £79.99 ultimate edition of the game is a little much for me, I would like to see them merged into one pass for the price of the expansion pass or at least have the car pass dropped to something more reasonable like £9.99.

A more polished release on PC

Forza Horizon 3 was terrible on release, and I remember constant lockups in game which took months to be fully resolved. I know it was a first full Forza release (Apex was more of a demo) on PC, but something like that leaves a bad taste and may have put PC gamers off a little. Maybe a beta testing weekend or two may help limit any issues this time around.

What do you think, anything I have missed that you think would work really well in the next Horizon game? Let me know in the comments below.

Ryan Munro

Ryan Munro

Staff Writer

Knows more about hardware than safe drinking limits.

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djd4ws0n - 08:38am, 14th March 2018

I'd like to see the amalgamation of the two series, Horizon and Motorsport - which would probably tie in with your "Better Storyline" above.

Imagine being a street racer, that manages to somehow wrangle himself onto some track racing...

Platinum - 09:09am, 14th March 2018 Author

So Need for Speed underground 2?

In fact just copy that :)

Sadly I cant see it happening, to much of a cash cow with a game each year and the car packs / DLC's.

Omar Escalante
Omar Escalante - 11:23pm, 17th April 2018

Forza Horizon 2 had way more glitches than Forza Horizon 3, they should put more out of the map drving on solid ground, they should do it as a mission (find glitches). Newer cars too. Better tools for designs (they are too primitive). Session with more players (16 max). Try to do better playground games scenarios for king, infected and flag rush, surprise us, we know you can. Give an option to the user to set the arena area for playground games, that would be awesome!

Platinum - 07:06pm, 20th April 2018 Author

All good ideas, E3 soon so hopefully we will know more soon :)