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For Honor; Shadow and Might

For Honor; Shadow and Might

This isn’t going to be a large article, truly just me voicing my opinions over everything else. So to get started, let me first state that I LOVE the Centurion, one of the new classes added in the latest expansion to For Honor. His playstyle fits perfectly with mine and the ability to have a character that relies on you mixing things up rather than just spamming the same combination over and over again is extremely refreshing.

The maps themselves are gorgeous, with the hot flames of “Forge” being something of incredible beauty and detail! Overall, a solid addition for Ubisoft’s first DLC for the game. Sadly, there will always be gripes with everything like this and being Ubisoft it would have been surprising if I didn’t encounter multiple issues! Who would have thought it? I did.

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Seemingly, Ubisoft has become the master of breaking things that they didn’t touch with each new update. In the case of this newest update, sometimes animations such as salutes and taunts don’t play to the fullest extent and seem to stop after a few short seconds. Preventing you from properly communicating with your foe, though this is admittedly rather low priority and in the end it is something that could easily be resolved. At least, I hope so anyway.

The next broken issue is most definitely the bloody chat function! It is now somewhat of a lottery as to if you can join a match and actually be able to type, to either your team or the enemy team. Sometimes the quick chat function doesn’t work either. Meaning that you can’t quickly point out which objectives are under attack. This, in Dominion especially, can cause a loss. A team with poor communication is barely a team at all and is sometimes nothing more than a collection of lone wolves, prowling around for easy prey.

My third gripe is most certainly the Centurion gank! Nothing wrong with fighting a 1v1 against or as a Centurion. As soon as there are two Centurions fighting someone as a pair? That is when things get interesting. By interesting, I mean horrific. I am sure a Raider or two has started to develop PTSD from these encounters. As soon as you fall over, no matter which character you are playing, the Centurions will jump on you. If there are two of them? They will either knock you below half health or kill you! I am guilty of doing this as well, I am no saint. In fact, this is a meta I actively indulge in. Yes, I am a terrible person.

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Overall? I am really loving this newest DLC! But I think they really need to fix some of the major core issues of the game in order to bring their player base back up to the high levels it was during launch. But hey! At least it is more functional than Rainbow Six: Siege. Admittedly, things are starting to look up for Rainbow Six: Siege, who knows? Maybe I will do an article covering operation health or as my friends call it; “Ubisoft actually giving a damn."



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