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Guild Wars 2: Secrets of the Obscure - The Midnight King Sneak-Peek Event Overview

Guild Wars 2: Secrets of the Obscure - The Midnight King Sneak-Peek Event Overview

Though I’ve not played much Guild Wars 2 due to silly things like work and having to sleep, I do always enjoy seeing what the title is up to. A while ago, we were allowed to check out the latest addition to the Secrets of the Obscure story, having a chance to try out a few dungeons and explore the new area of Inner Nayos; as it happens, we were offered this same privilege again as the last part of the story nears release in the upcoming The Midnight King update.


Our session started off with us playing around on the map with our fully kitted out characters, seeing the new armour designs goodies on offer! Our revelry was cut short, however, as it was time for our lovely hosts to give us a look into the first new bit of content, a new Fractal titled “The Lonely Tower”! While the devs did use some fancy magic to get us through the encounters quickly, we did see how players would have to both evade dangers and work together in this hectic siege of a once-familiar place. I, for one, needed to be raised an embarrassing amount of times. Since I had little idea of what was going on, some plot impacts may have gone over my head, but I did find the mechanics interesting and the boss fights flashy!


While not added in this update, just look at this fluffy moth mount! I want five

The second stop on our little tour was a new Convergence boss, which required a whopping 50-player squad! Again, the magic of dev commands got us through the worst of it, but I was interested to see how the previous escapades had been teaching us how to face challenges later on. Finally, we were shown the newest Meta event, though I’ll not be speaking of that here just yet. I will say, however, that it made me want to go back and read all the lore leading up to it!

Finally, after our arduous battles were fought, we were shown some of the goodies we could gain from the newest content! In the Wizard’s Vault, a new dazzling set of threads, complete with a bunch of flasks and glowy bits, is available to the enterprising caster, whereas the Legendary Armor is getting an updated look with some very striking rune patterns. If you’re looking for a new friend to add to your collection, the Ranger can now add a Juvenile Kryptis Eyeball pet to their roster! A new backpiece can be earned from both the Fractal and Convergence content, new relics have been added, and there’s even a new mastery, the Wayfinder Mastery.


Lookin' good!

In summary, this quick look at what’s to come seemed to promise some great content for eager Guild Wars 2 players in the final part of the Secrets of the Obscure story. One mission I was especially fond of was a section where players were required to split into separate strike teams, taking on different dangers and enemies while working together. If nothing else, the event made me regret not playing the game more.

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Martin Heath

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