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HELLDIVERS 2 Could Hold the Key to the Warhammer Game We Really Want

HELLDIVERS 2 Could Hold the Key to the Warhammer Game We Really Want

I recently started playing HELLDIVERS 2, and, while it has become something of an obsession, I had a thought: I was playing as an underequipped, undertrained recruit of a vaguely sinister regime against hordes of alien enemies. I was, in essence, an imperial guardsman. As I kept playing, I started to see it more and more, seeing the Automatons as Necrons and the bugs as Tyranids. However, instead of wondering why this game was copying Warhammer 40,000 (it isn’t), why hasn’t a 40K game like this been created yet

If you have never really looked into the history of Warhammer videogames, then let me tell you, it is a quagmire. The series has seen everything from the semi-tactical Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War to the third-person action of Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine. There has even been the odd team-based shooter in the form of Warhammer 40,000: Darktide. However, while Dark Tide was fun, it didn’t last as it lacked the necessary reason to keep playing. The maps were relatively static, especially when you think that the Warhammer 40K universe is massive, so being stuck on one planet seems like a waste.

This is where HELLDIVERS 2 separates itself: it knows players want variety, but it also knows what adds longevity. Essentially, the strength of the HELLDIVERS design is that it allows players to create their own stories. For Instance, we fought on Malevolon Creek: that fight wasn’t designed to be what it was, but it became a player-built story over time. Warhammer 40K needs something like that, something that the players can construct on their own.

How would this game look? Well, firstly, I think the Guard are the way to go in terms of player race: they offer customisation and weapons and give a reason why the squads are there. It’s nice to think of Space Marines, but the reality is that there are relatively few Space Marines in the actual universe compared to the almost limitless Guard. It should also be mentioned that Space Marines in the lore are relatively unkillable, depending on the universe. Meanwhile, the humble guardsman is only a human who relies on teamwork and technology to win. 

When it comes to enemy races it would be too simple to point at Necrons and Tyranids, and far too similar. Instead, I would think Orks would be great, as well as Drukhari and maybe T’au as a third. All three offer very different experiences and step away from the constant Chaos foes that we’ve all fought a hundred times. I know Orks are pretty common too, but honestly, they’re just fun to fight and look at. 

Weapons and stratagems would all be thematic, summoning heavy bolters and hellfire lasguns, or just a mini-exterminatus. Hell, why not have a Space Marines be a drop where a squad of them clear an area like a bombing run… but with less of me getting hit by it. This is an area where Dark Tide suffered: the choice of weapons was limited and the pure insanity that 40K can inhabit was lacking. 

Interestingly this kind of idea has been tried in Warhammer before, it was called Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade. The premise was simple enough: players could choose factions, and everyone would fight over a single planet. Unfortunately, the game had to shut down due to several issues with balancing, servers and licences before it could really get going. However, with the popularity of HELLDIVERS 2, it may be time for Games Workshop to rethink the concept. I know I would happily fight for the Imperium.

Or give us Imperial War Bonds and let me unlock a Bolter; that would work, too. 

Joshua Render

Joshua Render

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