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House Party Console Commands

House Party Console Commands

Are you tired of trying to get in Rachael's pants? Is getting panties for Amy's Scavenger Hunt questline just a bit too much? Do you just want to see some genitals? Well, we've got you covered! House Party has a console command that lets you do just about anything with anyone or anyone with anyone! Okay, that wasn't very clear...

With console commands, players will be able to take complete control of a lot of different aspects in-game, including getting every character naked, sex scenes with anyone (aside from the Game Grumps and Doja Cat, sorry!), and making characters fight. Without further ado, let's get on to it!

Table of Contents

The order in which we'll be talking about things, in case you want to skip ahead!

  1. Article Formatting Explanation
  2. Character List
  3. Items
  4. Quest
  5. Locking and Unlocking Doors
  6. Movement Commands
  7. Social
  8. Make Characters Nude
  9. Exhibitionism
  10. Adjust Body Part Size
  11. Poses
  12. Intimacy
  13. Player Orgasm Sensitivity
  14. Drunkenness
  15. Burning
  16. Clear

#1 — Article Formatting Explanations

20221001225540 1

As far as console commands go, House Party has some of the more comprehensible ones. That said, there is still a bit of complexity (especially for console command newbies) that I want to clarify as much as possible. Usually, a command will look like this:

"Ashley 0 10053 Amy intimacy"

To make this more comprehensible, I will be using different formats according to which things you can or can't edit, like so:

"(active character) 0 (sexual position) (passive character) intimacy"

So to explain, underlined parts of a specific command can be changed, while bolded ones cannot, and those within a parenthesis fit a pre-set list of options. Another thing I'd like to mention is that commands oftentimes aren't case-sensitive. To better reflect this, I changed between using capital letters and not for different commands in the article.

#2 — Character List

House Party Key Art2

Instead of putting the character list under every command that is relevant, I'll be putting it up here for ease of access. Not only will it make the article shorter (because adding a list is too long), but adding the list will also make it redundant with one already present in the article.

  • All
  • Amara
  • Amy
  • Arin
  • Ashley
  • Brittney
  • Dan
  • Derek
  • Frank
  • Katherine
  • Lety
  • Madison
  • Patrick
  • Rachael
  • Stephanie
  • Vickie

#3 — Items

House Party Inventory Booze Screenshot

Let's get LIT!... Is it too obvious I don't go out very often?

This command is most useful for completing quests by giving yourself items that you may not have been able to find. Although you're adding items to your inventory, it isn't spawning them; you'll still have a limited amount of Natty Lites to give.

"player inventory add item name"

Replace item name with the item you want in your inventory; generally, you can use this command to steal booze from Frank's cabinet. That said, sometimes it seems a bit glitchy (like, for instance, inputting "natty", "lite", or "beer" gives random items), so you'll have to experiment to get it to work. The item name section only receives one word at a time, so try using different words within the item you want. When it comes to Whack Spankiel's, you'll get the item by typing spankiel's.

The most reliable way I found to get beer is by using HouseParty.lite, because HouseParty.natty gave me Chardonnay...

House Party Console Commands Booze Screenshot

You can also use another command to stick an item on a character. This command is very buggy, and you can only attach it to their head, right hand, and left hand. This one's incredibly buggy because the same problem occurs as above: the game doesn't understand what item you're talking about. I realised it went wrong after Ashley got attached to Katherine's head, and she just moved and flew around wherever Katherine looked... Instead, use this one to put on the glasses on anyone for any spectaphiles out there.

(character name) mount item glasses 'hold on' true

Fill (character name) with the desired character
Replace glasses with the desired item (NOT RECOMMENDED)
Fill 'hold on' with head, lefthand, or righthand

#4 — Quest

House Party Opportunities Commands Screenshot

With this command, you can start and complete any of the quests in the game. That said, in my couple of testing sessions, I could not use this command as I had hoped. When automatically completing any quest, you cannot reap the benefits. For example, automatically finishing Derek's "Memory Lane" quest won't lead to the sex scene in the laundry, locking away whichever scene you'd like to unlock with a particular character. Regardless, here are the two commands you can use; feel free to experiment around and let me know in the comments if you get any success!

quest list (character)
quest complete "quest name"

Whenever using an item that has several words within it (such as quest names and locations), they must be encased in quotation marks for them to work.


  • quest list derek
  • quest complete "Memory Lane"

#5 — Locking & Unlocking Doors

House Party Lock Door Console Commands Screenshot

The master key is ~

This command is useful to keep characters from catching you having sex with others, such as avoiding Amy catching you having sex with a girl to get her panties to complete "Scavenger Hunt". Another good use is to lock Frank away somewhere, allowing you to get the booze from the cabinet; it's a simple command, too!

lock door "(door name)"

Example: lock door "Spare Bedroom"

To get the name of each door, walk up to it and see what name it has. All of the doors are:

  • Bathroom Door
  • Garage Door
  • Slider Door
  • Master Bedroom Door
  • Master Bathroom Door
  • Bedroom Closet Door (L)
  • Bedroom Closet Door (R)
  • Room Door
  • Laundry Room Door
  • Upstairs Bathroom Door
  • Spare Room Door
  • Study Door

This list will be used with other commands in the "Movement Commands" section.

If you lock yourself away, use the same command, but replace "lock" with "unlock".

unlock door "door name"

Example: unlock door "Spare Bedroom"

#6 — Movement Commands

House Party Walk WalkTo Screenshot Console Commands

Where ya goin', Ashley?

Want to be alone with a character? Movement commands are your friend!

The first command we'll be talking about (WalkTo) is helpful to make a character go to a specific location. This command is quite simple to use

(character name) WalkTo "(room/player)"

  • Replace (character name) with any character
  • Replace (room) with the list of rooms above, though you'll need to remove the "door" part of the command to get it to work

Example: Katherine WalkTo "Master Bedroom"

Meanwhile, the WarpTo command is for those that are lazy about waiting for the character to arrive.

House Party Console Commands Warp Warpto

I know where this is going... ;)

(character name) WarpTo (room/player)

Example: all WarpTo player

Finally, the roaming command will help you make sure that no character moves out of their position. Doing this will stop them from ever moving from their position, allowing you to set them in specific rooms. Mixed with WalkTo and WarpTo, you can make sure they stay in a particular place.

(character) roaming (true/false) allow

Example: Vickie roaming false allow

#7 — Social

House Party Social Love Friendship Console Commands Raise Screenshot

Full lust, full hate? Been there!

The Social command can increase your social relationship with every character in the game, both friendship and relationship. Although it's useful to allow you to ask them to go to a different room with you, it won't unlock their intimacy options, even when completing it alongside their related quests. For example, I finished Ashley's "Smooth Operator - Ashley" quest and raised her relationship and friendship with me to the maximum, but it didn't unlock asking her to go upstairs to "see her room".

Regardless, if you want to do the command, it goes like this:

social (character) player (-100–100) (romance/friendship) add

Example: social frank player 100 romance add

Feel free to experiment and let me know in the comments your results!

#8 — Make Characters Nude

House Party All Characters Nude Console Commands Naked Screenshot


It's time we get into some of the raunchy stuff! This command will allow you to make most characters (excluding Arin and Dan) nude.

clothing (character) (0–6/all) change (on/off)

0–6 chooses the item the character will remove

  • 0 is their top
  • 1 is their bottom
  • 2 is their pants
  • 3 is their bra
  • 4 is their shoes
  • 5 is their accessory
  • 6 is their strapon

Example: clothing madison all change off

#9 — Exhibitionism

All Characters Nude House Party Console Commands Screenshot

Okay, so you got Madison nude and she started covering herself? Yeah, same! That's because her exhibitionism level is low, so she's not actually happy to be nude in front of everyone. Thankfully, there's a command to change this, too!

(character) personality exhibitionism equals 100

Example: Madison personality exhibitionism equals 100

#10 — Adjust Body Part Size

Body Part Make Boobs Bigger Tits House Party Screenshot Console Command2

This isn't even my final form.

Are Brittney's honkers too menacing? Are Amy's tatas underwhelming? Did you want Patrick to be telling the truth when he tells the myth of the legendary brah that hid alcohol that has a horse-sized peepee? This is the command for you! After getting everyone naked, you'll be able to see what adjustments you'd like to make. Sure, it doesn't work flawlessly, but neither do implants, and we're still using those!

bodypart (body part) (character) (value)

  • Replace (body part) with:
  • tits, penis, butt, head, feet
  • Value will affect the size by a percentage amount, where 1.00 is 100%, 0.75 is 75%, and 4.00 is 400%.

Example: bodypart tits Brittney 0.1

#11 — Poses

House Party Pose Console Command Screenshot

I had to remove the gargantuan heads for this one... it wasn't obvious what was happening otherwise.

Do you want to take a group photo of all of the characters? Or maybe you just want a specific character to do a pose for you; either way, the pose command is for you!

The pose command has different values according to male and female characters, so you can't make men pose the way women do, and vice versa.

(character) pose (pose number) true

(pose number) can be replaced with numbers 1–45 for female characters and 1–27 for male characters. Experiment around to see which pose you want to use!

Example: frank pose 15 true

Alternatively, you can have the characters cycle through all of the available poses by using the following command:

(character) pose test

Example: frank pose test

It's worth noting that the pose test command will cycle them through all of their poses, but they won't be in numerical order.

#12 — Intimacy

House Party Sexual Acts Console Command Blowjob Screenshot

I can't really explain what's happening. Or, rather, I don't want to.

The part most of you have been waiting for, the intimacy command! With this, you can have any character have sex with you or have any character have sex with another. This command is a bit more complex because the sexual acts are numbers instead of words. Let me explain with an example:

Example: intimacy player derek 10052 sexualact

With the command above, the player will start intimacy with derek using the sexual act 10052, which is cowgirl (cowboy?). The command to have sex with characters is:

intimacy player (character) (sexual act) sexualact

replace (sexual act number) with:

  • 9000: make out
  • 10000: blowjob
  • 10011: handjob
  • 10030: missionary
  • 10050: doggy
  • 10051: masturbate
  • 10052: cowgirl
  • 10053: cunnilingus
  • 10054: 69
  • 10055, 10056, 10057: wall sex

If you want a character to have a solo session, you'll want to do it like so:

0 intimacy (character) 10051
Example: 0 intimacy Lety 10051

Finally, if you want to have two characters have sex with each other, you'll need to make the command like so:

House Party Intimacy Sex Ashley Amy Console Commands Screenshot

They call me "Gargantuan Head Peeping Tom"

(active character) 0 (sexual act) (passive character) intimacy

Example: Rachael 0 10000 derek intimacy

The command above makes Derek give Rachael a blowjob! Okay, it doesn't make a lot of sense. Still, you can have everyone do any sexual act together, even if they don't have the, ahem, appropriate body parts to do it!

#13 — Player Orgasm Sensitivity

House Party Orgasm Console Commands Screenshot

I just couldn't help myself.

Have you been waiting way too long to have sex with Katherine and just couldn't hold it in for very long? Yeah, that happens when your orgasm sensitivity is set to 9! Although that's a joke (as far as I'm aware, the orgasm sensitivity doesn't change on its own), you can adjust how fast your character orgasms through intimacy.

values player OrgasmSensitivity equals (0–9)

Setting the OrgasmSensitivity to 0 will make it so the player character never orgasms. This makes it so that you can have sex eternally because, when the character you're having sex with orgasms, you continue going regardless.

#14 — Drunkenness

House Party Drunkenness Console Command

So, I'm SUPPOSED to be inside the house, but I put my drunk level past 100.

If you want to get drunk without having to consume any of the alcohol at the party, all you have to do is use this command:

social player drunk add (0–10)

Okay, technically, that number can go up to 100, but I sincerely do not recommend it! I was unable to reduce it from 100 and had to restart the run due to it. Talking to Frank at any level above 7 will lead to him beating you up.

#15 — Burning

Frank Burning Get Booze House Party Console Command Screenshot

Sweet revenge for every time you've beaten me up, dood.

So you spoke to Frank above a 7 and want to get some revenge? I've got just the command for you!

state 51 add (character)

The burning state very quickly puts the character into a passed-out state, which you can use on Frank to raid his booze cabinet or take back items that you gave him (like one natty lite or the camera).

#16 — Clear

20221001235600 1

And — just like you should do to your browser history after every questionable session — it's time to hide the evidence.


That's it for all of the cheat codes available in House Party! I'd ask which one you intend to use the most, but we all know the truth... it's the lock command! It's so fun to lock and unlock doors!

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