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How to Take Advantage of the Rise of Online Gaming in 2020 AD

How to Take Advantage of the Rise of Online Gaming in 2020

The online gaming industry generates over $100 billion annually. To put that into context, it’s more money than the combined annual income of Facebook, Hollywood, and Las Vegas casinos. What's more, it's snowballing, creating opportunities for millions of people worldwide.

Income wise, online game developers are the biggest beneficiaries. The government, of course, has to get its share. But these days, videogame fans are also part of the equation. From streamers and pro-gamers to journalists and YouTubers, these are some of the ways to take advantage of the online gaming sector.


It’s free to create accounts on YouTube and Twitch. It’s also free to monetise your channels. But it takes a lot of hard work and patience before you start to make money through videogame streaming.

Many veteran streamers say they broadcasted games for months before they qualified to monetise. On Twitch, that means getting an average of three viewers on your streams and 50 followers. You also must have broadcasted 500 minutes within a month.

On YouTube, the qualification is to accrue 1000 subscribers and at least 4000-watch hours. After that, you can make money from your channel in these ways.

  • Adverts
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Asking for donations
  • Selling merchandise
  • Twitch subscriptions

As mentioned, patience is crucial if you have a dream of making money on Twitch. But before you think about it, research to discover the best games. You can opt for the most popular games if you have outstanding skills.

Or broadcast less played games to reach out to a new gaming audience. Playing slots and card games on Turbonino casino and streaming the action on YouTube or Twitch is a great idea. They are not the most streamed games. But they have a huge audience that’s relatively untapped.

Become a Pro-Gamer

Playing online gamers is another profession that pays impressively if you have outstanding talent in online games. You might also need networks, marketing skills to promote yourself and the will to participate in auditions.

For many pro-gamers, the journey begins with local teams. So, consider playing for esports teams in your city before you think about working for these heavyweights:

  • Astralis
  • Dignitas
  • London Spitfire
  • Francisco Shock
  • Wings Gaming

Another alternative is to become a professional casino player. It's a challenging industry, but some people earn a livelihood playing poker, blackjack, and even slots. If you are looking for ways to play on casinos using free spins, we recommend casinoonline.casino that lists many with no deposit bonus 2020. Some of the spins have zero wager requirements, meaning you can cash out whatever you win from them.

Provide Game Tutorials

The chances of winning the Fortnite World Cup, Overwatch, or CS: GO tournaments might be slim. But that doesn't mean people aren't trying to win them. If you are an excellent player at a few of the games, you can find a platform to tutor less-talented gamers.

YouTube and Twitch are undoubtedly the best places to upload your tutorials. But you can also use Facebook, Twitter, or a blog. Some of these alternative platforms pay much better than Twitch, according to streamers.

So, if you start a Twitch channel and want to boost your views, market your content on Facebook, Mixer, and Twitter as well. Crucially, perform market research to discover what games are trending or what skills people want to learn.

Test Beta Games
Beta testing is an essential part of the videogame production process. It helps companies learn how real players would react to their games before they release them. If testers find bugs and control issues, they help developers polish up the issues.

Unfortunately, the career of a beta tester is similar to that of pro-gamers. You have to start at the bottom, testing games for small mobile game developers. With time, you gain experience and build networks that connect you with big-name developers.

To fast track their careers, many beta testers establish themselves as experts on social media. For example, you could run a YouTube account where you talk about the creative side of videogames. In turn, you can reach out to developers to let them know you offer beta testing services.

Start a Videogame Website

The most popular videogame sites attract more monthly traffic than some mainstream news networks. Huge web traffic means lots of potential customers and lots of money to be made. Of course, you can't start a site and attract 100,000 viewers within a week. If you like games in general you can also open a website about board games and card games, for example GameRules.com. A different niche but many gamers love all types of games.

Many blogs and sites struggle to attract 10,000 monthly visitors. But depending on what they sell, they still manage to make $500 or more per month. Skins, for example, are a great product to sell because the products gamers love but don't always have a way of buying them.

If you prefer to sell physical products like t-shirts and hoodies, be prepared for shipping and storage costs. Or you can consider drop-shipping, the new e-commerce model that doesn't require stores to stock up.

Again, you can sell information. Precisely, you can publish entertaining, informative, or educative articles that attract gaming fans to your site. Then you can make money through adverts and affiliate marketing, like many streamers.

Become A Coach

Videogame coaching jobs are trending, and that means there's a demand for the service. In many cases, the demand is for coaches who can teach young fans how to play popular games like Fortnite, FIFA 20, NBA 2K, and PUBG.

The beauty of coaching, though, is that it pays decently. You could earn $20 to $200 per hour from each student you coach. And the best part about it is that people can pay higher amounts for excellent services.

Of course, no one will know you're an excellent coach unless you get the word out there. That means you find a platform where you can showcase your talent. Or provide general tutorials to grab people's attention. If they like your skills and coaching style, you'll get contacted and settle on coaching rates.

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