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I Touched Another Game and Now I Enjoy It

I Touched Another Game and Now I Enjoy It

It was a Thursday morning when my 17-year-old daughter finally pulled her butt out of bed. She has been playing Fortnite on her Nintendo Switch Lite for a while now and because she doesn't go to college on Thursdays, I decided I would install Fortnite to see what the fuss was all about.

At first, I started installing it on my PlayStation 5 but jeez really it would take four hours on a 900mpb speed, so instead I decided to install it on the Xbox Series X which took a lot less time to download than the PS5, which was a joke. Once downloaded, I was greeted by so much more than what I thought Fortnite was, to be honest, I never saw myself playing it and I didn't know there were so many I guess fan made games joined to Fortnite. So my daughter showed me Pizza Tycoon, which I may add is a damn addictive game type. You go around shooting zombies and building some sort of business as you earn money to upgrade it, like a third-person smartphone tycoon game.


After we had a few issues, either on my end or her end, we went on to play LEGO Fortnite. I created a Sandbox and messed around before my daughter decided to take a break and wait for her friends and boyfriend to get online. I decided to play more of it, but I went back to Pizza Tycoon, lost track of time (See, I did tell you it was addictive), and came off for dinner.

A little later on, I downloaded Fortnite on my Rog Ally to give it a go. I enjoyed playing a little LEGO and the Pizza Tycoon.* Facepalm.*


I finally built up the courage to play the other games linked to Fortnite including trying my first game of Battle Royale with a few of my daughter's friends as well as on my own, but I don't play multiplayer games much (or very well). I once tried playing Apex Legends, but I just couldn't do things fast enough. I like to take things slow and at my own pace, which Battle Royale in a group kinda helps you to do.

To my surprise, Fortnite has become a bit of a new craze for me. But I do miss playing Starfield, which I had been playing a lot of — I played it twice on the Xbox Series X and started it up on my PC.

Anna Duncan

Anna Duncan

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