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Meet the Heroes in Marvel's Midnight Suns

Meet the Heroes in Marvel's Midnight Suns

Marvel's Midnight Suns is just about here, meaning it's time we learn a bit about the superheroes you'll be able to take control of throughout your adventure against Hydra, Lilith, and Chthon's forces! Learn about our 13 heroes here!


Deeply-rooted mother issues


Marvels Midnight Suns screenshot 1

One of the first characters you'll come across is Blade, the half-human half-vampire Dhampir that hunts other vampires in search of revenge for when his mother was bit by one during childbirth, thus making him the creature that he is.

Whilst in combat, you'll use the Daywalker's abilities to dwindle down forces and apply stacks of Bleed, which deal damage to enemies at the start of a turn. He's a great damage dealer both against crowds and single targets thanks to his chain abilities. Bleed, Lifesteal, and Chain attacks will help you ensure that his enemies are downed as quickly as possible!

Captain America

Steven Grant 'America's Ass' Rogers

Marvels Midnight Suns screenshot 2

Steve Rogers wanted to participate in World War II and managed to become the test subject for the first-ever Super Soldier serum. After being injected, it made him into a Super Soldier that would lead America against the Nazi forces and bring them down. In the modern day, he takes control of the Avengers as their leader and leads with a goal of justice and freedom!

In-game, Captain America's tank capabilities are nearly unparalleled. Almost every attack of his inflicts a taunt and some of his cards draw even more cards to ensure more aggression. He isn't a wimp in combat either, as he can deal tremendous amounts of damage with his vibranium shield. With a lot of Block (a stat that gives you a second health bar), taunt, card drawings, and even damage, Captain America can do this all day!

Captain Marvel

'Just 'Carol' is fine.'

Marvels Midnight Suns screenshot 3

Carol Danvers wasn't always a superpowered half-Kree superhero, and instead had humble origins as a skilled Air Force Intelligence Officer! Her work led her to become the Head of Security for NASA, which eventually led to an incident that would reveal her dormant superpowers and her half-Kree bloodline!

While in combat, Captain Marvel is chock full of attacks that are both heavy-hitting and make her a formidable tank. After using three cards in the same turn, Captain Marvel can activate her Go Binary! card and increase the damage of all of her abilities and gain Block. This, paired with cards that earn Block equal to the damage dealt, makes sure she's a powerhouse that can't be stopped!

Doctor Strange

'Sanctum this... Sanctum that...'

Marvels Midnight Suns screenshot 4

Stephen Strange was a doctor that lost his hands in a terrible car accident that ended his career early. When modern medicine couldn't cure him, he sought other mystical variants that might give him back his ability to work. After finding out about the Ancient One in the mountains of Tibet, he studied the mystic arts and trained to become the next Sorcerer Supreme.

Doctor Strange's role on the battlefield works as a tactical support that can generate a lot of Heroism and increase his cards' powers depending on how much he has. Paired with characters that have strong Heroism-focused abilities, Doctor Strange can rain destruction down on his foes.

Robbie Reyes (Ghost Rider)

Blaze's #1 Fanboy

Marvels Midnight Suns screenshot 5

Roberto "Robbie" Reyes was a normal mechanic from Los Angeles. After participating in street racing whilst using the Hell Ride, Robbie was killed by a local gang and resurrected by the Spirit of Vengeance. Now, as a reluctant host of the spirit, him and Sparky wreak havoc in the battlefield!

You'll be interacting with Robbie whenever you're in the Abbey, but afterwards, you will spend all of your time on missions with Sparky, the Spirit of Vengeance. His high-damaging attacks are only brought down by self-inflicted damage, but you'll be able to use his passive, which gives you a card that chains enemies and has lifesteal each time you slay several foes in one run to recuperate any damage you take. With a lot of AoE and tactical abilities, Sparky has a place in your team as a DPS-focused unit!

Iron Man

Genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist

Marvels Midnight Suns screenshot 6

Tony Stark needs little introduction — and he loves it. His work in the Abbey includes working alongside his best friend Doctor Strange (he seems to really like Stephens... Stevens?) to work on research, suits, and more to keep the Midnight Suns as technologically advanced as he can ensure. 

Iron Man has a unique passive that increases the power of some of his cards when you use Redraw on them, ensuring that you can get even more benefits from them. Usually adding Knockback or Forceful Knockback, you'll be able to get more from each of his cards! You can also use some of his support abilities to exploit enemies' weaknesses and ensure you deal the most damage, adding both Marked and Vulnerable to foes.

Illyana Rasputina (Magik)

Takes a while to get used to

Marvels Midnight Suns screenshot 7

Illyana Rasputina is a mutant from Siberia that's had a troubled childhood (like most heroes in the Abbey, strangely enough), as a strange entity invited her to Limbo and taught her how to use her mutant powers to create portals. Now, advanced with her new skills, Magik seeks to use her powers to help the Midnight Suns transcend space and time to get to their quest as quickly as possible.

Whenever Magik is invited to missions, she wreaks havoc and brings down waves of enemies with ease, using numerous portals and environmental combat to her advantage. She isn't hard-hitting with her cards but can grab clusters of enemies and bring them down with ease. Her tactical combat will help out in maps filled with environmental hazards, especially as new ones are introduced in the game.

Nico Minoru

Mommy issues galore

Marvels Midnight Suns screenshot 8

After accidentally absorbing the Staff of One during a murder attempt by her mother, and the harrowing realisation that her mother belongs to an evil cult of dark wizards that partook in human sacrifice, she set out to do better with the power of the Staff of One and is now a proud member of the Midnight Suns that seek to end Lilith's evil advances.

Nico's attacks in-game are as unpredictable as the Staff of One, with all of her cards having an RNG factor. Nico's role can work as either a support, offering nearly every status effect available in the game, both buff and debuff, whilst also dealing monstrous damage in combat. Each attack has a range of damage it can deal determined when the card is drawn, and even her lower numbers deal average damage, but when you get lucky? Her strength is destructive.

Scarlet Witch

Accent not included

Marvels Midnight Suns screenshot 9

Born in Transia in the shadow of Mount Wundagore, Wanda Maximoff was destined for great power, doomed with the Scarlet Witch title. After being touched by the influence of Chthon, Wanda's ability increased exponentially, allowing her to manipulate Chaos magic itself — now, she is capable of shifting reality itself... when she can control her powers.

In combat, Wanda's abilities offer heavy AoE abilities meant to help dwindle enemy hordes. Offering damage, debuffs, and buffs, Wanda has a wide range of capabilities, allowing her to fill many roles in combat for both DPS and Support characters.


With inorganic Web Shooters

Marvels Midnight Suns screenshot 10

Bit by a radioactive spider, Peter Parker gained spider-like abilities that allowed him to become the friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man. He's a small-time hero that hasn't had his opportunity to shine at apocalyptic-level events, but that's likely to change when Lilin forces threaten the very neighbourhood he swore to protect.

Spider-Man, much like Magik, has the capability to use the environment to his advantage. He uses his web shooters to shove enemies into each other with Forceful Knockback and even some AoE abilities. Using hazards around the world will shine Spider-Man's true potential on the battlefield.

The Hunter

Are mother issues a superhero requirement?

Marvels Midnight Suns screenshot 11

The Hunter is the brand-new original character joining the Marvel universe with the release of Marvel's Midnight Suns! Take control of the son or daughter (depending on your chosen gender) of Lilith and fulfil the Midnight Sun prophecy!

The Hunter has two roads that they can take in combat; either Light or Dark magic. Depending on your interactions with fellow heroes and the cards you use in battle, you will gain new skills and abilities to take advantage of! Following the Dark path, The Hunter works as a DPS character with high-damage abilities, whilst the Light path allows The Hunter to become a support/tank character, featuring high-damage heroics, heals, and block abilities!

Logan (Wolverine)

Petting not encouraged

Marvels Midnight Suns screenshot 12

Logan was a mutant born with two abilities: a healing factor and the capability to use his bones as claws. When the Weapon X Project took note of his unusual abilities, they infused his skeleton with Adamantium, an indestructible metal.

In combat, Logan has numerous roles in combat, including high-damage DPS and tanky abilities with taunt and life steal to his advantage. Chain attacks and powerful single-target abilities make Logan a menace in action unlike any other!



Marvels Midnight Suns screenshot 13

Who could ever forget the goodest of girls, Charlie? The resident hell hound is sure to steal your heart with her gorgeous red fur, demonic yellow eyes, and numerous horns to remind you — she isn't from around here. But we love her, and you can pet her. Plus, she's a great asset in battles, too!


The Unannounced Hero

I know a secret! And, if you want to know it too, you'll need to get the game and figure it out! We at GameGrin are under strict rules of not disclosing who it is... but it's a doozy!

Now you've met all of the heroes you can take control of! There are still some characters you'll be able to meet that'll help you on your journey that weren't mentioned here, so make sure you check out the game and jump into the fray!

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