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Meet the Heroes of Redfall

Meet the Heroes of Redfall

With Redfall finally out, it's time to start looking at who you are going to be playing and how you will approach their build! With four characters to choose from, here is everyone that partakes in Redfall's apocalypse!

Jacob Boyer

The Deadeye with an Undead Eye

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Jacob Boyer used to be a special forces sniper, though in the recent years recent years, he joined a company called Bellwether Security, and accepted a gig that took him to Redfall. After being ambushed by one of the vampire gods, he was bestowed with an undead eye and a raven that follows him everywhere.

Jacob's kit is quite great all-around, making him a fantastic single-player option and an asset in any team. By using his newfound raven companion, he can mark foes and give himself the advantage of knowledge on the battlefield. Likewise, using his camouflage cloak from Bellwether Security, he can go invisible until he shoots to scout the area and get a favourable position.

Most impressively, however, is his ultimate, which he uses to bring out a sniper rifle and automatically headshot all enemies in the vicinity, a great way to deal tons of damage quickly and thin out the hordes!

Jason Boyer is one of the most well-rounded characters, offering a vast variety of combat options to jump into Redfall and slay the blood-sucking fiends.

Layla Ellison

The Telekinetic Threat in Student Debt

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All the good of a vampire without any of the bad, Layla Ellison was attending Redfall's university when she volunteered at a medical study for Aevum Therapeutics, only to unlock some kick-ass telekinetic abilities she'd later use against the vampire threat.

With her powerful mind, use Layla's peculiar set of skills to protect your allies by offering mobilisation in the way of... ethereal elevators. Okay, I promise it's cooler than it sounds! From using psychic umbrellas to resist attacks and staggering foes to having her vampire ex-boyfriend fight against enemies, Layla is a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

Although her abilities sound a bit whacky (because really, a vampire ex-boyfriend?! What's his name, Edward?), Layla's kit offers extraordinary defensive abilities to protect her allies, and works wonders with other players in her team. That said, as a single-player character, I think Layla has some of the weakest perks to offer, but she was always more of an extrovert anyway!

Devinder "Dev" Crousley

The Verified Cryptid Hunter

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Redfall is a hot zone for supernatural activity, and Devinder would have loved to know this before he came to promote his latest book, Like A Mothman to the Flame. Not because of fear — only a little bit of that — but because that way, he would've brought better equipment; after all, Redfall is basically another day in a viral cryptid hunter's life!

Dev brought himself to fame and glory when no one else believed in him, and he has self-taught pretty much everything that has kept him alive thus far against some of the darkest and strangest entities in the world. But, will he be able to survive his greatest hurdle yet in Redfall?

With improvised technologies, Devinder brings a lot of random things to the table. Using his Arc Javelin, electrocute your foes, while Translocate allows him to reposition both himself and allies to another position, though likely his most impressive item is the Blacklight, which uses UV lights to petrify vampires. His tactical gameplay is best suited for a group of people, but Dev is no stranger to working alone, and with his vast kit, you'll be prepared for pretty much every occasion.

Remedios "Remi" De La Rosa

The Ingenious Ingeniera

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Last up is my personal favourite, and the character I jumped on slay some vampires on my first run: Remi — this Puerto Rican carries love and protection in her heart. She's a combat engineer that graduated from MIT and was training the Coast Guard personnel in Redfall before everything fell to chaos. She dedicated her entire life to rescuing people, and she'll be able to add "vampiric threats" and "apocalyptic catastrophe" to the good ol' resume.

In-game, Remi can use her adorable robot, Bribón, in various different combat scenarios. Not only is he equipped with a gun and can help you in battle, but he is also equipped to cause a ruckus and distract all manner of foes — natural and supernatural alike.

Of all the characters, Remi may feel like the most boring because she doesn't have any fancy gadgets and abilities, thanks to Layla, but she is a force to be reckoned with. As a solo player, she can use Bribón in various ways, either to distract her foes or engage in combat.

Her ultimate, Mobilise, gives her great defensive capabilities, allowing her to heal herself and everyone within the area to negate pretty much any damage the vampiric threat can throw your way. She is a great solo character and an even greater one with a group of friends!

You've now met all the characters that you will control in Redfall! This strange cast of characters will have to find a way to cooperate and find common ground, though they already have a common enemy — the vampires (or cryptids, as Dev would call them). 

Artura Dawn

Artura Dawn

Staff Writer

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