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Monster Legacy Interview

Monster Legacy Interview

We had the opportunity to ask Producer, Richard Wood (RW) and Designers, Alex Pass (AP) and Bruno Patatas (BP) some questions about their newest title, Monster Legacy.

Can you describe Monster Legacy in 10 words or less?

AP: A thrilling, amusing, strategic, curious, beautiful, heroic and epic journey.

How long has the game been in development and how many times has it changed since the original concept?

BP: Monster Legacy started being conceptualized around two years ago. Since the beginning we knew that the scope of the game would be quite big, as we set out to create the definitive RPG for mobile devices. This meant that during the development period a lot of iteration on the design side happened to make sure we provide the best gameplay experience possible to our players. Although a lot of things changed, the original vision and core philosophy was maintained throughout the entire development process.

What do you think will draw gamers to Monster Legacy?

AP: Monster Legacy offers so much to players – collect loads of Monsters, battle allies and enemies, build your ranch, complete quests, and discover the secrets of a magical world. It has been influenced greatly by the games we enjoyed playing as kids, and still enjoy now, and it has been made with passion, which I think shows. We hope players will engage with this and become immersed in the exciting world we’ve created.

1 Explore captivating Lands

Why did you choose the mobile platform over more traditional ones?

BP: Outplay is purely focused on developing games for mobile platforms, so it’s natural that Monster Legacy would fit on that strategy.

What is the design process for your Monsters? How do you come up with the ideas for them?

AP: Inspiration comes from so many places and sometimes at unexpected times. It may be that we need a specific type of Monster for a particular location or narrative, or that we have a cool idea for different spin on the traditional elemental powers and so we concept something that fits. Other times we might decide that a Monster based on a particularly awesome animal would be popular. Sometimes it’s just that a cool or funny name pops into our heads and we start from there!

We then develop the description and attributes for the Monster, perhaps to provide a particular style of tactics in battle or to present as a tough challenge to overcome. We then develop a few concept images which we discuss and iterate on, mixing and matching cool ideas until we get something we’re happy with.

We try to have a mixture of cool, cute, scary and funny Monsters to appeal to a wide range of players. We all have our favourites here and we don’t always agree!

9 Capture Wild Monsters

Is there any sort of multiplayer within the game and if not, will it be added in later down the line?

RW: We’re currently planning some exciting changes, we can’t say much yet, but it’s going to be awesome!

Will it stay exclusively on iOS or will it be moving to other platforms?

RW: Right now we’re fully focused on making the iOS version the best game possible. We’re looking forward to getting feedback from players over on our Facebook page (facebook.com/MonsterLegacy). We’re definitely looking at other platforms for the future, but our main focus is making sure our current player base has the support and new features they expect.

What does the future hold for Monster Legacy? Will there be periodic updates or a whole new game?

RW: We’ll be doing regular updates; we already have a host of great plans for the game and as more players join us, I’m sure we’ll have an endless list of amazing ideas to implement on a regular and on-going basis. 

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