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MultiVersus Is Great... But You Still Shouldn't Play It Yet

MultiVersus Is Great... But You Still Shouldn't Play It Yet

I had the massive honour of playing MultiVersus when a great friend of mine gave me two of her keys to play. After writing a glowing preview with her, I anxiously waited for the game's release, which was slated to occur only a few months after. Now, MultiVersus is out, and despite how much I still love the game, I don't think you should play it. At least, not yet.

I'm going to say it right now: MultiVersus is easily my favourite brawler game; the characters are great, the move sets are fantastic, the worlds feel enjoyable... I could go on gushing about the game, and I definitely do think everyone should give it a try, primarily because of its low, low price tag of free. After playing Super Smash Bros. Brawl for years and Brawlhalla for several hours, I don't think I'll ever be touching either of those two again. Or so, I would say, if MultiVersus was playable.

In my preview a couple of months back, I played MultiVersus and came to the same conclusion I did today: it is unplayable in its current state. So many people wanted keys, and so many people were excited for the game that it is plainly unplayable. Countless users have already reported lag issues that make it absolutely impossible to enjoy, and I've recently encountered matches where I can't even see what's happening because, randomly, I get a ringout when I was (on my screen) just in the middle of the stage.

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This is possibly the laggiest match I've had yet.

Being a fast-paced brawling title, this is sorely disappointing; I was looking forward to finishing the pre-season battle pass and having a lot of the goodies within it, but at the current state, it makes it feel like a chore to actually complete even a single match, let alone ring someone out from the bottom of the map when the server can't correctly calculate where they are and where I am. Even when I selected a different server to play in, the lag was unbearable, and I'm pretty sure my opponents were struggling too, as the round went on for far too long, considering how incompetent I was being throughout.

So, if you do play MultiVersus any time soon, do yourself a favour: take it with a grain of salt. I don't want to stop people from playing the game altogether because the last thing I want is for the game to struggle with users, but do know that sometimes — especially on weekends — MultiVersus is plainly unplayable and borderline frustrating.

Artura Dawn

Artura Dawn

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