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Ranking the Heroes in Marvel's Midinight Suns by Strength

Ranking the Heroes in Marvel's Midinight Suns by Strength

Marvel's Midnight Suns is officially out! It's about time to start team building and thinking about who is going to be part of your party. Whether you want an Avengers-only team, the dysfunctional family set (you can, surprisingly, build a team based on this category), or just want to go for some of your favourites, knowing the strongest characters in the game can't hurt! Here is our ranking for the strongest heroes in Marvel's Midnight Suns!

NOTE: It's worth noting that, although there is an apparent disparity between the strongest to weakest characters, none of the heroes in the Abbey feel weak; you could realistically build a team with the lowest-tier characters and get away with it. This is meant to be informational about which characters felt the most versatile and most potent, but none of the characters in the game are inherently bad — an important distinction.

#12 — Doctor Strange

Marvels Midnight Suns screenshot 12

Doctor Strange, unfortunately, leads as the worst character in the game. The Sorcerer Supreme isn't a wimp in combat but certainly benefits from taking a support role, especially when paired with Heroic-focused heroes. That said, Stephen Strange can be a bit of a strange (hah) character, as his nearly oxymoronic playstyles of generating a lot of Heroic points and, at the same time, getting power boosts to his cards the more Heroic he spends can be a bit difficult to manage.

All that said, it's not like Doctor Strange has no teams he'll fit into, and he can actually fill several roles in each one — for instance, as a DPS character, he has the capability of using his own support cards to build his Heroism, but doesn't fill any monumentous roles on the battlefield. His lack of AoE and focus on support abilities can make him fall just a bit short of #11, which goes to...

#11 — Ghost Rider (AKA Sparky)

Marvels Midnight Suns screenshot 11

A lot of heroes fill several roles on the battlefield... this doesn't apply to our beloved Ghost Rider. A DPS-only character, Sparky does manage to dish out a lot of damage to any foes that stand in his way, but his self-inflicted harm after many of his hard-hitting attacks can be a bit irksome (most notably, his Heroic, discarding your entire hand upon use).

Ghost Rider's downsides definitely outweigh his upsides in some scenarios, but his passive (which gives him a Chain card every time he kills several foes in a single turn) can be very beneficial, as it increases how many enemies you can chain (and, unfortunately, its Heroic cost) with each use. This makes him one of the best damage dealers to deal with several and single targets, but the mission has to go on for quite a while before you can do that, something that many other heroes can do without relying on lengthy fights.

#10 — Spider-Man

Marvels Midnight Suns screenshot 13

It seems like our friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man should stay in those neighbourhoods to avoid getting hurt, as he — unfortunately — falls just a bit short. I was disappointed, considering he made was part of my main team for quite a while, but his playstyle is ultimately overshadowed by more versatile and overall superior characters.

That's not to say that Spider-Man doesn't have a role to fill, especially with injuries occurring to some of your favourite heroes. Whenever you are struggling to find a DPS to fill a part of environmental damage, Spider-Man's your man! Focusing on the usage of your surroundings, you'll mostly capitalise on Spidey's abilities by mowing down foes with pillars, kickable objects, and throwable boxes, and he excels at it. That said, he ranks lower as, much like Ghost Rider, other characters can do his job just a little bit better. Sorry, Pete!

#9 — Blade

Marvels Midnight Suns screenshot 14

Don't cry just yet — Blade is a fantastic character, and one of his primary roles is to fill in for superior characters whilst you unlock them. This may sound harsh, but being a character you can take early on in battle, Blade is no wimp and even continues to be a great option after you've unlocked better ones; his kit merely falls short by a tiny bit.

Filled with Bleed, Life Steal, and Chain attacks, Blade can decimate groups of enemies and single-targets with ease. His weakness? He plays solo a bit too much; his support abilities only apply buffs to his attacks, whilst most other characters have beneficial attacks for others. Blade is a great character regardless, but he was definitely not my first pick after unlocking some others.

#8 — Iron Man

Marvels Midnight Suns screenshot 15

Iron Man narrowly beats Blade but has numerous superior tactics that rightly give him the #8 spot. Although Iron Man ranks low on the list, this isn't to say that he's bad — he fills a unique role that no one else does. With his passive upgrading his cards whenever you redraw them, you get a whole lot more incentive to use your redraws freely and get even more power off of each move you make. 

Another reason Iron Man ranks higher than Blade is his support abilities — Tony Stark excels at finding weaknesses in his enemies and can be used as offensive support perfectly, which is one of my favourite parts about him. I hate giving Iron Man #8, primarily due to his uses in battle, but every character henceforth has a lot of strength that none of the ones that we've spoken about so far can match, but Iron Man certainly is the closest.

#7 — Nico Minoru

Marvels Midnight Suns screenshot 16

Nico is the weakest of the strongest characters, but she could easily rank way higher if it wasn't for her overall gimmick — the Roulette abilities. Each time Nico Minoru draws a card, the status effect is randomised from a set of pre-determined stats. Her damaging abilities can range from doing above-average damage to obscene amounts if you're lucky enough, and her support abilities can cover almost every status effect in the game.

This randomness factor that Nico Minoru has is both one of the most fun mechanics in the game and highly detrimental in difficult missions. Getting stuck with a lousy rotation of abilities and stats within them is a deadly combo that I experienced once too many times whilst taking Nico on my quests. But when you're the lucky sort, Nico Minoru's damage is unparalleled by any other character in the game. 

#6 — Scarlet Witch

Marvels Midnight Suns screenshot 17

Wanda Maximoff fills a couple of roles that are fundamental to any team; she does it by taking only one of the three character spaces. With her numerous offensive and defensive AoE abilities, she's excellent at ensuring that all enemies are dispatched quickly, and her allies are buffed as much as they can be.

That alone makes her the second-best support in the game, but her AoE helps a lot at clearing waves of enemies with ease, ensuring that you don't have to deal with hordes of Lilin and Hydra that get in the way of completing your mission. Her all-around kit is handy but nowhere near our next five heroes in terms of strength.

#5 — The Hunter

Marvels Midnight Suns screenshot 18

The Hunter has two builds you can do, both of which can be great in combat, but this is specifically true for the Light Hunter, which fills a role that no other character in the game can — support, tank, DPS, and high-damage heroics all in one. Most notably, The Hunter's capability at healing with their abilities, an all-too-rare skill, is the best support you can get in the game, especially when you're full-healing a hero for the cost of one card play.

Whenever you aren't playing healer, however, the high-damage heroics are incredible at dealing with bosses and foes that are too tanky for AoE units to handle. A support that can dish out some damage is never unwelcome, and that's exactly what The Hunter accomplishes in the game.

#4 — Captain Marvel

Marvels Midnight Suns screenshot 19

Carol Danvers is a fantastic character even outside of her passive, but once you've played three of her cards in the same turn and activate her Go Binary! power, her strength grows exponentially. Increasing damage, getting a lot of Block, and retaining the mode until you've taken enough damage to deplete your Block means that clever use of your cards can ensure you have Binary enabled throughout most, if not all, of the encounter.

Her damage is nothing to scoff at, either, with numerous AoE abilities that also inflict Taunt and ensure your other heroes are well-defended. Great damage, Block generation, and AoE are things that Captain Marvel excels at, and you can easily take her into any team without worries.

#3 — Magik

Marvels Midnight Suns screenshot 20

Magik is the single reason why neither Spider-Man nor Scarlet Witch rank any higher. Although her support abilities are rather shoddy (much like Blade), her AoE capabilities are unparalleled; she can deal with a horde of enemies in a few cards. If that wasn't enough, using Limbo portals, you can take advantage of all of the hazards on the battlefield before your enemies can capitalise on them instead, giving you the advantage of flinging enemies and changing the dynamic of the mission entirely.

Her environmental capabilities are unrivalled thanks to her Limbo portals. You have no idea how many times an enemy is going to detonate, and I threw them in the middle of a group of enemies to deal damage — she is one of the funnest AND strongest characters in the game; Magik should take a spot in most of your teams.

#2 — Logan

Marvels Midnight Suns screenshot 21

Logan is a bit of everything, and it helps a lot how useful he is. With Chain attacks, Taunt, Lifesteal, and Card Drawing capabilities, there is little that Logan can't do, and that's what makes him so important. Taking him into battle allows you to have an off-tank that doesn't require the help of a support thanks to his lifesteal and self-reliance (a trait very in-line with his character).

His Chain attacks help him deal with waves of enemies and far surpass Blade's capabilities. Meanwhile, focusing your chain on a single target can make him a heavy single-target damage dealer, and with very few of his strong cards costing any Heroic at all. Though, perhaps his most endearing trait is that he fits into a team and can play the role of a tank and pseudo-support as well, allowing you to have a team of three DPS and get away with it — something entirely unique to him.

#1 — Captain America

Marvels Midnight Suns screenshot 22

Captain America doesn't just deserve spot #1, but #2 and #3 as well from how potent his kit is. Steve Rogers fills just about every role in the game, allowing him to fit perfectly into any team composition with few problems. 

While his numerous Taunt and Block abilities ensure good ol' Cap has at least double the life of every other character in the game, his AoE and single-target attacks hit decently hard, allowing him to take the role of a sub-DPS. Finally, he specialises in drawing cards and ensuring that your team survives, allowing you to use him as an offensive support throughout most encounters; drawing more cards is always a welcome ability. He is well-rounded, excels at every role, and fits into every team composition. Furthermore, with his Block capabilities, he seldom gets injured as long as you have a good build, ensuring you can take him with you on most missions.

That's it for our hero ranking in Marvel's Midnight Suns! Do bear in mind that all heroes are viable and just because your favourite ranked a bit lower than you might have expected doesn't mean you can't use them in your teams!

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