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Remnant II Tips & Tricks

Remnant II Tips & Tricks

It's not an exaggeration to say that I've become completely obsessed with Remnant 2 after just a day or two of playing it, and while I haven't finished the game yet (I'm not even halfway there!), I figured I might as well help my fellow soulslike-obsessed gamers out there in their journey through this randomly generated (and gorgeous) hellhole!

#1 — Check Your Abilities as You Level

Remnant II 2 1 Cropped

Unsurprisingly, I've been playing through this fantastic game with the person that matters most in the world to me: my wife. And while she's a soulslike veteran who has 100% Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and has accumulated over 200 hours in DARK SOULS, I'm still panic-dodging things before the boss even thinks of doing them.

That being said, that might be why I missed the obvious: I had multiple abilities to choose from. It took me over 20 hours to realise that every Archetype in Remnant II unlocks different skills as they progress, and although you can only wield one at a time, you can still pick which one!

#2 — Try Out Different Weapons

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One thing that I've been desperately trying to correct about myself for many years now is my incessant obsession with never trying new things: once I find a weapon or skill I like, I pretty much won't even bother opening the menu to look at the other ones. Thankfully, in Remnant II, I was so scared and confused that I tried all the weapons I got and found out that the crossbow is amazing! I'm glad about this, too, as the game has some phenomenally creative and fun weapons. So, don't be like me: try them all!

#3 — Buy Cass’ Iron!

Remnant II 2 3

Ward 13 is like the hub area, where you'll find tons of different vendors that will allow you to upgrade the fun stuff like weapons and abilities. That being said, it's very easy to overlook Cass because you'll be busy with the blacksmith instead, so I suggest you make a habit of going over to her and saying hi every time you return from a run. This is especially important because she sometimes sells some pretty great items you won't want to run out of, such as Iron, which is used to upgrade weapons!

#4 — Keep an Eye on the Minimap

Remnant II minima

Although this one might be a bit obvious for players like my wife who actually navigate intelligently and not just where their gut tells them to, I couldn't shake the feeling that this might be a necessary reminder. Because the map is procedurally generated, it's very easy to miss some odd areas that will lead you to important loot (sometimes even purple-grade), so make sure to keep an eye on the minimap for any red areas, as those are the ones you haven't explored yet!

#5 — Keep the Other Eye Looking for Secrets!

Remnant II 2 5 Cropped

In a similar vein, secrets can sometimes be super easy to miss, and I highly recommend you do your best not to pass them by without some ransacking! This is important because they can give you anything from upgrade materials to just a straight up Traits point, which will help you tons! They are really tricky to find because of the RNG, so turn on your flashlight (with L, by the way) and get searching!

#6 — Pick Up All the Iron

Remnant II 2 6 Cropped

While you're out and about trying to find your next loot area, I suggest you also go out of your way to nab any Iron you might find lying around. This might sound a bit tedious, but it's definitely worth having as much as you can in case you actually do find any cool weapons you want to use instead (and you will)!

#7 — Check the Environment if You're Stuck in a Puzzle!

Remnant II 2 7 Cropped

One of my absolute favourite things to do in Remnant II was finding puzzles! There is a nice variety of them, and it's very rare that my wife and I get so stumped we end up considering finding the answer on Google.

That being said, an easy way to avoid being stuck for too much time is to check around the environment: books, symbols on walls, colours, etc. This is also a good rule of thumb for any adventure game with puzzles!

#8 — Adapt Your Rings As You Go

Remnant II 2 8 Cropped

There is a lot to keep in mind in Remnant II when it comes to builds: three weapons, Mods, Mutations, Archetypes, etc., which is fantastic because it means there's a ton of variation! This also means you should probably keep in mind the rings you have available to adapt your build to the situation, as one of the best features of the game is its variety in everything: not all enemies are weak to just standing back and unloading your magazine on them!

#9 — Some Weapons Have Abilities

Remnant II 2 9 Cropped

Yet another thing I wouldn't have realised had it not been for my wife is that some weapons have abilities you can use! These skills (found in Legendary weapons) cannot be swapped out for Mods but pull their own weight easily!

#10 — Try Adventures

Remnant II 2 10 Cropped

Can you tell my wife hosted the games?

Thankfully, my wife and I didn't miss a beat before jumping into an Adventure after finishing our first area. Had it not been because I wouldn't have minded having to replay the 20 hours again (seriously, I love this game), I probably would've been too scared to try it in fear it would reset everything. Thankfully, you can have a Campaign and an Adventure going without breaking your progression!

In fact, I highly recommend you go into one, as it can help you have something else to do when you're stuck in a particularly annoying boss and also help you build up your arsenal of weapons and skills to avoid being stuck in a boss. And on that note, as a bonus, don't forget to go back to Ward 13 every now and again! It's easy to get lost in the exploration, but I couldn't suggest it more: there's nothing more fun than unlocking and upgrading weapons and abilities!

That's it for my 10 tips; I hope they help you avoid some silly "whoopsie" moments I've had during my time with the game! 

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