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The Indie Challenge: NightSky - Week 11


I'm not the sort person who is fond of Indie games. I like my big name titles, my polished graphics and my big budgets. I dislike titles that I can't add to Steam or that can't use the processing power I've lovingly paid out for in my gaming rig. I am, for lack of a better term, a gaming snob. For this reason, I have given myself The Indie Challenge.

Each week, I will be playing at least one lesser known Indie game. I may not have enough time to complete said game, but I will at least try it. I'm doing this to attempt to expand my gaming horizons and stop being so focused on a small selection of game types. There is a whole world of gaming out there ready and waiting for me to come across.

I'll be posting a weekly blog following this challenge and detailing the game I've been playing as well as the game I will be playing next week. If you want to follow along with me, I'll be posting a link to the game.

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This week, I’ve been playing the ambient action-puzzle, NightSky. Welcomed to an atmospheric first level, I began to relax whilst playing this game. I’m not a big fan of puzzle games but this one was simple and easy to get into. I was really enjoying myself until it began to get challenging.

You’d think, as a gamer, I should expect some sort of a challenge from a game, let alone of the puzzle genre but alas, I didn’t and was lulled into a false sense of security with the simplistic starting levels. It wasn’t long before gravity was introduced and inverted along with spinning blades.


This is by no means a difficult game and it’s fairly simplistic for a puzzler however, it’s the fact that it’s never hiding anything. The solution to the puzzle is always in front of your eyes and there’s no hidden compartments waiting to trick you. It’s this simplism though that gets to me. If I couldn’t get a puzzle easily, I felt the game was mocking - nay, judging me. I couldn’t complete this basic conundrum and I should feel stupid for it.

Judging aside, NightSky is a really nice and (mostly) relaxing experience and one that any gamer should check out.

If you'd like to try your hand at NightSky, you can find it on Steam here: http://store.steampowered.com/app/99700/

Go Home Dinosaurs!

This week, I will be playing Go Home Dinosaurs!, the tower defense game from Fire Hose Games.

If you'd like to play along, you can find this game on Steam here: http://www.gohomedinosaurs.com/

The Indie Challenge
Kris 'Kaostic' West

Kris 'Kaostic' West


Zombie slayer, quest completer, mouse clicker and, in his downtime, writer and editor.

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