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The Value of Community

The Value of Community

“X game has the most toxic player base.” Ever heard that phrase before? I am sure you have. Most of us have. It is said by a large amount of players across the entire spectrum of the gaming community. Ranging from people that play Rust, to those that play For Honor and everything in between. Every community within a game is, to a certain degree, toxic and unpleasant to be around.

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That doesn’t always mean that everyone you meet from that game will be unenjoyable to interact with. Almost the opposite, in fact. From my personal experience, gaming communities are one of the most valuable assets that we as players can take advantage of. Be it here on GameGrin, the For Honor Fight Club or perhaps your own little band of friends that you hang out or play games with. These are what truly define the highlights of gaming and make it more enjoyable over in the long run.

For me, I never really liked Eternal Crusade after the full release. I found it to be a hard slog of grinding and almost suffering through countless missions and objectives with a team I had no connection too. That was until I joined a clan. Joining this clan, known as LASH, was incredibly rewarding for me. Players of great veterancy were more than willing to offer support and guidance as I re-learnt the game and picked up my bolter and chainsword once more.

The same could be said for For Honor as well. Until I was aware of the fight club (which I can talk about!) I have checked the rules, don’t worry! I was struggling to find any sort of enjoyment from the game and was frequently smashing my head against the wall as I was constantly out played by people who haven’t put down the title since release. The fight club turned my salt into skill, they showed me ways to improve my gameplay and taught me how to have fun and enjoy myself.



Honestly, losing alone sucks far more than losing as part of a team. The team offer more enjoyment and make everything more fun! Playing with friends offers considerably more laughs and entertainment than playing alone. Your own mistakes can become long term private jokes or moments you can all reflect on.

My friends won’t let me forget a variety of moments where I messed up, but I can look back and laugh at it with them! Make friends and find a community that you enjoy the company of; clans, gaming communities and even certain gaming new sites are the perfect place to find new companions in whatever quest you are looking to carry out!



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