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Top 10 Games for Kids by a Kid

Top 10 Games for Kids by a Kid

Tiger, son of GameGrin writer Alana Dunitz is here to give his thoughts on games that kids would enjoy playing. He's 11 years old and has been playing games since he was old enough to hold a controller and wrote this list of games that he enjoys that he think other kids should check out. This list is exactly as Tiger wrote it nothing has been changed.

Hello, I am Tiger. Today, I will give my suggestions for the top 10 best games for kids!

10. Mario Party 

Mario Party was made for Nintendo in 1998. Mario Party is a great party game and you will have loads of fun playing this! I have played the Nintendo Switch version quite a few times, but, every single time I play it I somehow almost always lose! Just a reminder to not get mad if you lose! I would recommend this for anyone 6+ because younger kids may have a harder time understanding how to use a controller.

super mario party start screen

9. Rocket League 

When you think of Rocket League from the outside, I’d bet that you wouldn’t believe that you drive around in a car and constantly crash into a ball on purpose. Well, that’s what it is, the goal is to get the most points in the round to win. It is a very enjoyable game for me but it may be frustrating for others. It has tournaments in game that you can participate in to earn XP. Overall, I recommend this to anyone 8+ because of it being competitive and when you start you could get put in a nearly impossible match against pros like I did, but you may be lucky!


8. Roblox

Roblox is a very time consuming game made in 2006. You create and play maps either by yourself or with friends, this game is amazing and you will have fun playing obbys, tycoons, or anything in between. I strongly recommend Roblox to anyone 7+ because it is not very competitive and you can let your imagination run wild!

roblox login screen

7. Mario Kart

Let’s go back to Nintendo, where we unwrap the details of Mario Kart. Mario Kart is a racing game made for Nintendo in the 1990s and was one of the first games ever to offer 2 people playing at once with split screen. Over the years with the Wii, the Wii-U, and the Nintendo Switch, it has only gotten better so pick up a controller and play it with your friends and family!

I recommend this to anyone 6+.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Title

6. Ultimate Chicken Horse

Ultimate Chicken Horse is kind of like Mario Maker but you can play with friends and you get points by eliminating them with traps. This game is so addictive and yet so frustrating at times because there’s always that one person who puts an impossible trap down. I recommend this to anyone 9+ as it is more advanced compared to the other 4 games so far on this list.


5. Powerwash Simulator

Have you ever seen those videos when someone cleans something and it’s super satisfying? I know I have so the moment it came onto XBox Game Pass, I got it the first day. It’s a super relaxing game whether you are cleaning your van, or a whole house, this game is super awesome! I recommend this to anyone 8+ as it is not as complicated as Ultimate Chicken Horse but it is up there.


4. Minecraft

Minecraft is the most sold game of all time! And one of the best! In Survival mode, it’s intense and action packed. On the other hand, in Creative mode, it’s so chill and amazing. You can build anything so what are you waiting for? I recommend this to anyone 5+.


3. Fortnite 

Fortnite is a fairly new game starting less than 4 years ago but it very quickly jumped up my most played games list for its cooperation building Battle Royale and its enjoyable Creative. It really gets energy out and it’s near perfect. The storyline is amazing. I recommend this to anyone 8+.


2. Fall Guys 

Fall Guys is an online platformer in which you beat obstacles to get the sacred crown. If you get the crown you win, but it’s 49 vs. 1 so you must outlive all 49 other players to get the crown of victory! It just became free so get it now! I recommend it to anyone 7+, they will love it! A truly perfect game.


1. Cake Bash 

I could not leave this game anywhere else but #1. In my opinion, it is up for best game of the century! It’s donuts and cupcakes hitting each other with lollipops, who would not want to play it! It is a flawless game and will probably never leave this list! I would recommend this for anyone 6+.


Bye and I will see you next time! 



Junior Staff Writer

Why though?

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Derrick - 09:45am, 16th October 2022

Wow! what a comprehensive list of great games.