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Top 5 Destiny 2 Husbandos

Top 5 Destiny 2 Husbandos

With Destiny 2 Forsaken having recently released it seems like the right time for another top five list. We’ve already looked at the top five Destiny 2 waifus so this time we are looking at the top five husbandos. Given that the new expansion included some new characters that caught our eye, this list is going to be fun so let’s get right to it.

And no, before you ask Cayde-6 is not on the list. He is dead. May he rest in peace.

D2 Shaxx

5: Shaxx - The sports fan

Here is a man full of love and compassion. Okay it might be for his beloved Crucible, but it is still there. Shaxx will be the kind of man who will do absolutely anything for his partner but when the Crucible calls, he must answer. It might help to be a fan of it yourself so you can oversee and watch matches together. Outside of this obsession though, you’ll have a pretty good time and he is sure to always hold the door for you. Then again if you can beat him in the Crucible he is likely to be yours forever.

Remember throat soothers: he likes to yell.

D2 TheXur

4: Xûr - The weekender

He might only be around for the weekends but Xûr always comes with gifts in hand. Sure, you might already own some of the items but it is the thought that counts right? Somewhat mysterious and quiet, he is a complex and interesting person who doesn’t talk much about his work as an Agent of the Nine but that shouldn't get in the way of long term relationship. Just maybe don’t ask to many questions about his work and try not to stare at the void where his face should be. It’s fine. He’s fine. You’ll be great together.

But for real, does he even eat?

D2 TheSpider

3: The Spider - The businessman

The Spider is one of the new characters in Destiny 2 Forsaken and the only Fallen on this list. He is a businessman who deals in all sorts of wares and is easily described as a Godfather of sorts. Sure, he lives out in a hidden base deep within the Tangled Shore and runs a criminal enterprise but who doesn’t like a bad boy? He is also a man of his word having kept his side of the deal with not only the Guardians but also with Queen Mara Sov. Don’t cross him and everything will be fine and you’ll be sure to have an interesting lifestyle being next to The Spider.

It is also implied through lore within Destiny 2 that The Spider has the Mona Lisa in his collection. So that's kind of cool.

D2 TheDrifter

2: The Drifter - The mysterious one

Another new character on the block, The Drifter hosts the new multiplayer mode Gambit. He is an enthusiastic person who always has something to say and a smile on his face. Not much is known about the gentlemen due to his traveling nature but for now it seems he is here to stay. Though his knowledge of the Darkness is somewhat concerning and might be best to not question, The Drifter looks to be wanting to settle down so this makes the ideal opportunity for those maybe thinking about a family.

He’s also good with his hands.

D2 LordSaladin

1: Lord Saladin - The daddy

One of the last remaining Iron Lords and a long time friend of the Guardians, this man has seen it all. From adventurous beginnings to experiencing great accomplishments and even loss, Lord Saladin is a humble man who has seen his fair share of combat. Now overseeing the Iron Banner Crucible event, he has huge respect for the Guardians and aims to help them all become stronger. If you think you can survive his workout routine then you will find a charming, caring and loyal companion who will always watch your back and support you however he can. Lord Saladin may have been through a lot over the years but he is deserving of a partner who will stand by his side through thick and thin.

Think you are strong enough for him?

D2 Louis

Honourable mention: Louis

Our honourable mention goes to the most loyal of all characters in the Destiny 2 universe, Louis. Here might be a Falcon but never once has Louis let down his companion Suraya Hawthorne. He is what all other husbandos should aim to be when it comes to a supportive partner along with understanding that sometimes saying nothing is better than saying anything. Keep being you Louis.

So there you have it. The top five Destiny 2 husbandos. What do you think? Agree or disagree with this list? Let us know in the comments below.

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