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Total Overdose Diaries Part Three

Total Overdose Diaries Part Three

This is my ongoing exploration of Total Overdose, where I will chronicle my playthrough like a text-based Let’s Play.

Despite a promising career as a cartel thug, as a way to prove my brother was right about our father’s innocence, Ram had hit a bit of a snag when the DEA raid he helped orchestrate went south…

Thankfully, Angel had helped get me out of there, though she had no intention of speaking to me until I had gone around town doing odd jobs for people. These odd jobs, of course, mainly involved murdering members of the Virgilios cartel. In fact, the ones I chose to do were exclusively that.

After heading back to Angel, she told me that the Virgilio kingpins were having a sit down at El Macho bar, and that I should head over and lend them a hand in getting rid of Cesar Morales. Wish I’d known that was coming, before I killed all of those people earlier…

20180711135927 1

I know bar names usually try to sound macho, but this is too literal

I hopped in a taxi and went to the bar, where I was greeted warmly. At least, the dozens of rounds of ammunition flying at me as soon as I stepped out of the cab were warm. Somewhat understandably, the Virgilios weren’t keen on me getting in a room with their bosses.

Wading my way through the alleyway to the rear of the bar, I hopped onto a mounted machine gun hidden inside a garage and mowed down five or six men before heading up some stairs. Angel had suggested I get into the bar via the roof, which was only possible through the use of a couple of ziplines. I shot a few more men and used the first zipline, blasting some more Virgilios as I went.

On the way to the next zipline I had to commit more murder, before climbing a ladder and jumping onto it. Upon reaching the roof, I jumped off and smashed through the skylight and into the middle of the meeting. Things worked out well, despite the mayhem I caused on my way in, as I was soon on the street talking to Angel on the phone.

20180711140543 1


Morales was at the bullfighting arena, so I jumped into a taxi and headed straight over. There was minimal resistance in the parking lot, made even smaller by using the mounted gun on the roof of the guard building, before I headed inside. By pure coincidence, I opened a remote gate that Morales had closed on some stairs he ran up, and I followed leaving bodies in my wake.

Reaching the top, I entered the seating area to be greeted by more rounds of various ammunition. I had to head for Morales’ office, in the announcer’s booth. This involved going around the seating area, and up the other side to head back down some more stairs, before entering the arena the entire time chasing Morales himself, and murdering many more men.

20180711141009 1

And I got a hat! But it fell off after a minute or so...

Inside the arena, I had to fight off a few waves of men - which I did with the aid of my various power-ups, as I hadn’t been using them very often and so had a number of them to spare. The door into the bull stables opened, and I legged it inside, away from the respawning thugs. There were a few men inside, but the main event was in the relatively small announcement booth-cum-office.

20180711141711 1

I just really wanted to add this screenshot

Morales began shooting me as I dove, flipped and ran in circles, my weapons doing relatively little damage. So I used the power up which brings in a luchador, who tore away at Morales’ health, allowing me to shoot him a few times to deliver the killing blow. With him down, I could get the key from him to access his safe.

Unfortunately, upon finding the safe in the stables, it was attached to a bomb. Ram asked Tommy for advice, and followed it to the letter - only for the countdown to activate. Grabbing the contents of the safe, Ram managed to escape with the help of a motorbike, riding to safety as the arena exploded behind him.

A couple of side missions, where I did a race and blew up a couple of Morales Cartel meat silos (whatever those are), before I headed back to Angel. She had a letter, how she obtained it she didn’t say, which was addressed to Morales from someone going by the initials P.M. A mole within the DEA, going by The Eagle, had leaked word that a rogue DEA agent had infiltrated the Moreales Cartel.

There was something going down at Elvez Autos, so Angel told me to head over there and find out what. Once on site, Tommy told me to be careful as this P.M. was likely Papa Muerte - the drug lord responsible for our father’s death. I approached from the docks (for some reason), and met resistance almost right away. I had to head for a rooftop, and zipline down, so I dove into an elevator and went up.

A bit of ziplining later, I was dodging fire in the car dealership and murdering people. Unfortunately, most of the new cars were locked - but they made handy bullet shields. I found a key, which led me into a garage where some weapons had been, along with the plans for coffins with secret compartments. The place was empty, so Tommy told me to head back to Marco in the junkyard.

20180723120856 1

It was a pity that I caused this explosion with only a few people near it...

Marco pointed me towards the owner of Elvez Autos, but warned that his house was heavily guarded. I would have to approach by the sea and avoid being spotted - so I would need a speedboat…


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Total Overdose Diaries
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