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Total Overdose Diaries Part Two

Total Overdose Diaries Part Two

This is my ongoing exploration of Total Overdose, where I will chronicle my playthrough like a text-based Let’s Play.

Having picked up where his brother Tommy had started investigating his father’s murder, Ramiro Cruz had begun infiltrating the Morales Cartel…

Deciding to get a better lay of the land, I had a drive around and wound up murdering some drug dealers, and being ambushed twice. I finished off my tour of the city by murdering a bunch of people in a time limit, before finally becoming a luchador for a couple of minutes. No idea what that was about…

20180708163533 1

I mean seriously

Meeting up with Angel, Morales’ right hand woman, she told me that there were three trucks in the shipyard that Morales wanted. They were going to be used in a deal involving 100 tons of cocaine, so pretty important to retrieve.


Heading past the gates, I went for the truck currently on a cargo ship first, fighting some light resistance on my way to the ship, but a substantial amount once I was aboard. I even had to use my time rewind ability twice - up to now I hadn’t used it at all. I headed up to the ship’s bridge, leaving a dozen or so bodies in my wake, and sent the truck back down to the dock.

After a swift run down the stairs, I had to kill another 10 or so Virgilios as reinforcements had arrived. Once most of them were dead, I hopped into the truck and booked it for the gates, getting there without a scratch. Figuring that was probably the hardest truck, I went back in to the closest one, killing some men before stealing the truck and getting it out.

The third and final truck was a little more difficult, as it was blocked in by a shipping container. I fought off the men trying to kill me, and made my way up a gantry and into a control room. After activating a bridge across to the crane, I hopped in and sent the container towards the cargo ship.

Quickly jumping out, so that I didn’t have to walk all the way back, I ran along the crane’s runners, then dropped down onto some more containers, before getting in the truck and driving off. Somehow managing to avoid damage, despite people shooting right at me as I left, I got the third truck delivered safely.

20180708165403 1

Smoothly done

Angel then gave me my final mission - deliver a van full of explosives into the cargo ship. I hopped in and drove it over to where I had liberated the first truck, then went back up to the ship’s bridge. I hit the switch, bringing the van into the ship, and immediately began to leg it. Good thing, too, as I had less than a minute! Deciding to risk fall damage, I managed to get to the safety of the docks with plenty of time to spare, and watched the ship explode gracefully behind me. Tommy contacted to congratulate me, and tell me that there was a DEA operation that relied on the trucks getting into Morales’ possession. Ram replied that he was looking forward to his time as a DEA agent being over - while Angel listened in from behind a shipping container…

20180708165902 1

*Dun dun DUUUNNN*

While I was in the area, I retrieved some guy’s car from behind a bunch of crates, requiring the use of a forklift truck - and giving me Shenmue flashbacks in the process. Then I drove over to the bullfighting arena to chat to Morales himself, and he told me that he wanted me to escort the trucks. Like the good soldier I was, I headed out with the trucks until we reached the petrol station where Tommy had been blown up.

As I drove ahead of the trucks, I spotted a blockade and went over to investigate. It was, of course, a trap set up by the Virgilios who set about trying to murder me. I took them out solo (no thanks to the three truck drivers…), and spoke to the driver. He told me to get back to Morales, but Tommy told me that I had to find out where the trucks were going - so Ram climbed up onto the trailer of the middle one. You know, in full view of the rear driver…

Arriving at a meat packing plant, Tommy told me to open the gates for DEA agents to get inside. I dropped from the roof of the trailer, and people began shooting at me, so I had to murder a handful on my way to the gate control room. Once the gate was open, three vans of DEA agents came racing inside and they began battling the cartel. My job complete, I went for extraction.

20180708201115 1

"And nothing could possibly go wrong!"

Which was when Morales himself threw a grenade, blasting the agent I was speaking to, and almost taking me out in the process. I ran into the facility, doing my best to help the DEA out. My efforts went kinda like how they went in Red Faction - everyone I met was soon dead. I murdered my way through a warehouse, into an area with a lot of complex machinery - including a meat grinder. Upon killing the three stood above it, they plunged into the mechanism.

Further along the gantry, and half a ton of ammo later, I reached a switch that operated a nearby sliding door - that was timed to 10 seconds. My first effort to get through failed, but my second one succeeded when I jumped from the gantry and landed on a conveyor belt! The next section was cold storage, where carcasses were being pulled along on hooks, which was a lot slower moving than I’d have liked as I had to wait for a gap in a kind of snail-paced reverse Frogger.

The next section was faster moving, however, as blasts of steam were aimed at the carcassses moving along the line, so I had to dodge those as well as gunfire. At the end was a mounted gun, so I threw a molotov cocktail and stood out of the way, before opening the next door and taking control of the mounted gun. Over a dozen Virgilios fell to my guns before they ran out of men, and I forged on.

Finally finding a way out, I first had to deactivate the electric cattle zapper before running along the conveyor belt and outside, where more DEA agents were fighting more cartel members. I shot some of them, but was more interested in making my way up a ladder and another conveyor belt, before dropping over the wall to relative safety. Until Angel almost ran over my head.

Telling me to man the mounted gun on the bed of her truck, I hopped on and she drove off, relying on me to gun down the Virgilios chasing us, and the ones who tried to block us. It was a tense run, but we made it to safety.

20180708202705 1

Looks safe to me!

Back in the present, Tommy tried to placate his boss by explaining that this was leading somewhere, and that the best was yet to come...

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Total Overdose Diaries
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