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What We Want for Battlefront 2

What We Want for Battlefront 2

With E3 and Battlefront 2 just around the corner, Star Wars and gaming fans have voiced their opinions regarding what they wish to see from this version of the game. EA ran into a lot of problems at the release of the first reboot of Battlefront despite finding critical success. Fans of the movie franchise were disappointed for many reasons, feeling cheated in some ways for the game that EA did give them. Here are some ways that EA can make up for past mistakes.


Here at GameGrin, we have weekly meetings, because believe it or not, we’re semi-professional on occasion! When we’re not slinging insults and tossing around gifs at one another, we actually discuss games (kidding, I actually do love everyone I work with here). This past week, our editor, Acelister, asked what we would like to see in the new Battlefront 2, and answers were a plenty. Top of the list, though was story. In Battlefront, that was something that was severely lacking.

The game was an FPS in the Star Wars world with nothing much else going for it. As some gamers put it, it was a reskinned Battlefield or other FPS game, and even as die hard of a Star Wars fan as I am, I have to admit they were right. The graphics were fun, but not astonishing, and it was basically just Overwatch. If I wanted to Overwatch in the Star Wars world, I would, but I’d rather just play Overwatch when I’m in the mood for it and play Battlefront to get Star Wars fun when I’m in the mood for that. I’m not saying Overwatch doesn’t have story, it does if you want it. I quite love it’s story, actually, but the game itself isn’t story driven. Some of us need that, and Star Wars is a story driven world. We need to know why we’re on the planet we are, why we’re capturing points, what we’re doing. And this brings me to the second demand GameGrin staffers had.


Another thing very high on the list, a proper single player campaign. This isn’t just us, this is almost all gamers, it seems. Hell, even my ex, who is also huge on Star Wars as I am, refused to get Battlefront because of no single player campaign. She doesn’t play well with others, and not including that type of game mode definitely ignored a portion of gamers. EA says that, this time around, there will be single player. Hopefully we will get that as it isn’t always fun to jump into a battle. Sometimes it’s more fun to jump in alone and play a campaign, not have to depend on others. We’re gamers, therefore rather solo creatures. We team up often, but are very individual. Having the ability to carve our own path will be a huge benefit to Battlefront 2.

We have a lot of nostalgia in the Discord chat, discussing the original Battlefront 2 game. Perhaps a simple remastering of that game is all we need. Remastering is done all the time, but that isn’t something EA seems to want to do. Instead, though, EA could take inspiration from the original Battlefront 2 though, bringing in some of the things fans and GameGrin staffers loved most about it. It’s style, it’s feel, it’s gameplay. Battlefront doesn’t need to be like every other FPS, it just needs to be like Star Wars. If we can get a game that lets us really feel like we’re in the world of Star Wars, I think we’ll all be happy.


Lastly, the DLC burned a lot of people, myself included. The cost, well, let’s just say I couldn’t really swing any of it. When it was a choice between buying a new game or buying DLC for Battlefront, it felt kind of silly to choose DLC. It was mainly maps, a Rogue-One tie-in, and as much as I would have loved to explore the Outer Rim, it wasn’t really worth it. We can hope that, this time around, things will maybe be a bit more reasonable. Though lately, pay to play has been only getting more and more accepted, and there’s already talk of the season pass for Battlefront 2. So be prepared to have to fork out more money than EA may already ask if you want to get all the content for 2.

So that is our list of demands, or requests, really, cause we are, deep down, nice people. At least, that’s what I keep telling myself! Kidding aside, I think all gamers hope that EA learned from Battlefront and will make improvements with Battlefront 2. With the inclusion of single player, they already listened at least a little, or say they have. Time will tell, and with E3 in a few days, we’ll get more answers soon. Until then, we can hope!



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