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Which Monitor Setup is Better for Gaming: Two vs Three Screens Compared AD

Which Monitor Setup is Better for Gaming: Two vs Three Screens Compared

In a modern world, where many young and old gamers dream of becoming esports professionals, and college students prefer to purchase essays online to have more time for Twitch streaming, the possibility to use two or three monitors for their gaming rigs is something they reasonably consider to go for. But which setup is better, particularly for gamers? Let’s try to find out.

In this article, we’ll try to reveal both the positive and negative sides of double and triple screen setups. Three aspects will be our milestones in this review:

  • Features;
  • Comfort;
  • And Price.

Actually, I’m a student trying to decide which setup would be better for me personally, so the text may be a bit biased. But still, I already found professionals to write my essay cheap and do my statistics homework for me, that is why I’ve got some more time to analyze the topic. Let’s stick to the plan.


For starters, ask yourself: why exactly do you need two or three monitors?

Mostly, double or triple screen setups are what professional programmers, designers, writers providing help with assignments, and content creators prefer. More displays mean more digital workspace for them to position their required instruments, app windows, and other things increasing their performance.

On the other hand, gamers most probably would want to use all that space for gaming. So, this is the main use case of the review.

The most outstanding feature of dual or triple monitors here is the increased immersion. A gamer whose field of view is filled with the gameplay entirely will most likely enjoy their hobby even more. It might be especially cool for people preferring single-player first-person shooter games or RPG’s, racing and flying simulators.

In this aspect, both setups will play well. Three monitors will obviously be better for immersion because of covering more space in front of your eyes, but two displays are not too bad as well.


The question of comfort is somewhat of a twofold nature. At first glance, three monitors seem to be much cooler than two, because more means better for human minds in most cases. Better immersion, more space to use besides gaming purposes, cooler look, and more respect from friends with one or two displays are undisputed advantages here.

In addition, dual monitors doubtfully suit games where you need to aim a lot, because there you’ll have a gap between two displays right in the middle of your view. Three monitors positioned horizontally to provide a seamless central picture.

So, are three monitors better for your gaming comfort? Well, yes, until you try placing them on your table appropriately. For example, even three 24-inch panels will take A LOT of space regardless of their positioning (though, the variety of possible adjustments and angles is a plus).

They will also require more cable management performed to prevent all those wires from irritating you regularly. That’s a negative point making two-display setups look a bit more preferable for students living in dorms or everyone not having large rooms.


Finally, we reached the most critical question. Budgets define it all. Anyway, purchasing two or three monitors means investing significant funds into panels themselves, a larger table, an appropriate monitor arm, etc. But there is one point many gamers might simply forget to think over.

More monitors used for gaming mean increased in-game window resolutions. Consequently, you’ll need at least an upper middle class GPU to receive playable frame rates with the picture rendered on two 1080p displays simultaneously.

Three monitors set an even higher threshold if you want to enter the world of modern AAA gaming without experiencing FPS drops or lowering the graphics settings. Just for you to stay informed: I wouldn’t recommend anyone to purchase a third or even a second display exclusively for gaming purposes if they don’t have at least a GTX 1070 or a Vega 56 graphics card installed in their rig already.

The CPU performance won’t suffer that much with the screen resolutions doubled or tripled. But I’d still prefer having something at the level of a Core i7-3770 chip in this case.


Well, it’s obviously up to you to choose which setup is more preferable for your gaming purposes. The main advantages of dual monitors compared to three displays are:

  • Two screens are easier to fit your room size and to position them on your desktop;
  • They are cheaper;
  • They are less demanding for hardware performance.

On the other hand, there are three monitors with their pluses. Those are:

  • Better view and usability comfort;
  • Better gaming immersion, especially in case you prefer playing single-player shooters, racing or flying simulators, and so on;
  • More workspace adjustment and customization options.

That’s it. As for me, I’ll rather pick a dual monitor setup for my desktop, mainly because I am a student on a relatively tight budget. What you do from here – is your call.

P.S. In case you are a student gamer like me, checking this speedypaper.com review page might be interesting for you. It is always better to take care of academic grades before you start a long night run in RDR 2. You know what I mean, don’t you?

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