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8-Bit Adventures 2—Adventure by Critical Games.


Website https://www.8bitadventures2.com
Developer Critical Games
Publisher Critical Games
Platform Windows
Where to buy 8-Bit Adventures 2 on Steam
Genre Adventure
Release Dates
2022 Windows — World Wide
2022 Xbox One — World Wide
2022 PlayStation 4 — World Wide
2022 PlayStation 5 — World Wide
2022 Xbox X|S — World Wide
2022 Nintendo Switch — World Wide
Score 10/10

What Alana Dunitz thought:

10.00/10 10

“8-Bit Adventures 2 is a beautiful, turn-based RPG inspired by all the classic titles on the NES and improved to make the gameplay even better. This game will have you hooked with a compelling and unique story; it's a must-play!”

Version reviewed: Windows Read the full review

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