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Among The Sleep—Indie by Krillbite Studio.


Website www.krillbite.com/ats
Developer Krillbite Studio
Publisher Krillbite Studio
Platform Linux, Mac, Windows
Genres Indie, Survival Horror
Release Dates
29th May 2014 — World Wide
Score 6/10

What Kris 'Kaostic' West thought:

6.00/10 6

“Among The Sleep was a bit of a letdown on the horror front, but if you’re looking for an interesting interactive story, you should definitely give it a shot. The immersion mechanics were great and they managed to make you feel powerless, if only for a brief period. It would’ve been nice to see some more realistic environments and subtle scare tactics and, if these were added, it would’ve been a fantastic game, rather than just a good one.”

Version reviewed: Android Read the full review