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Apex Legends—Action.


Website https://www.ea.com/games/apex-legends
Platform PlayStation 4, Windows, Xbox One
Genres Action, First-person Shooter
Release Dates
4th February 2019 Windows — World Wide
4th February 2019 PlayStation 4 — World Wide
4th February 2019 Xbox One — World Wide
Score 8/10

What Alexander Mackay thought:

8.00/10 8

“A great addition to a genre that most don’t even bother developing for anymore in the shadow of the titans, defying that trend and standing out as a serious competitor. Great mechanics built with an already well-received engine make the game genuinely fun to play, and the variety of small additions really add up to make it feel like a whole game, which others of the same genre struggle with. It’s still a battle royale game, so it won’t be for everyone, and there are a few concerns with balancing and new content, particularly for the future. But seeing as how it’s free you have no excuse not to download it and give it a go.”

Version reviewed: Windows Read the full review