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An all new dice-deck-building roguelike, Astrea, has you chart a path through the ruins of a lost civilization as one of six brave Oracles. Using an ever-changing deck of dice and enchanted Sentinels, Purify waves of Corrupted foes and a decayed goddess to save the Star System.


Developer Little Leo Games
Publisher Akupara Games
Platform Windows
Where to buy Astrea: Six-Sided Oracles on Steam
Genres Casual, Deckbuilding, Roguelike, RPG, Strategy
Release Dates
21st September 2023 Windows — World Wide
Score 9½/10

What Jacob Sanderson thought:

9.50/10 9½

“Astrea: The Six Sided Oracles is an absolute masterclass in both roguelike and deck-building and looks to be a mainstay in the genre”

Version reviewed: Windows Read the full review

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