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Batman: Arkham Asylum—Action by Feral Interactive (Mac).


Website www.batmanarkhamasylum.com
Developer Feral Interactive (Mac), Rocksteady Studios
Publisher Feral Interactive (Mac), Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
Franchise Batman, Batman: Arkham
Platform Mac, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Windows, Xbox 360, Xbox One
Where to buy Batman: Arkham Asylum on Steam
Alternative names Batman: Arkham Asylum GOTY Edition
Genres Action, Adventure
Release Dates
26th March 2010 —
Score 7½/10

What TimmyShire thought:

7.50/10 7½

“There are few superheroes to have such an impact as Batman. Having spawned several iterations of comic books, films and games, it is obvious that we're never going to be fully satiated on Batman themed products. But is Eidos' latest Batman game, Arkham Asylum, all Dark Knight, or should it be committed? ”

Version reviewed: PlayStation 3 Read the full review