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Dolmen is a terrifying new action RPG that combines futuristic Sci-Fi and Cosmic Horror elements. Will your timeline be erased or will you defeat your enemies to survive and fulfil your mission?


Website www.dolmengame.com
Developer Massive Work Studio
Publisher Massive Work Studio, Prime Matter
Platform PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows, Xbox One, Xbox X|S
Where to buy Dolmen on Steam
Genres Action, Adventure, RPG, Sci-fi
Release Dates
20th May 2022 Windows — World Wide
20th May 2022 PlayStation 4 — World Wide
20th May 2022 PlayStation 5 — World Wide
20th May 2022 Xbox One — World Wide
20th May 2022 Xbox X|S — World Wide
Score 7½/10

What Mike Crewe thought:

7.50/10 7½

“A unique world with some fantastic environment designs and challenging combat, let down by often unfair enemies and a story that just wasn’t that interesting.”

Version reviewed: PlayStation 5 Read the full review
Often/commonly misspelled as Dollmen,doll men,dolman,dolmenn