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Far Cry Primal—Action by Ubisoft.


Website far-cry.ubisoft.com/primal
Developer Ubisoft
Publisher Ubisoft
Franchise Far Cry
Platform PlayStation 4, Windows, Xbox One
Where to buy Far Cry Primal on Steam
Genres Action, Adventure
Release Dates
23rd February 2016 PlayStation 4 — World Wide
23rd February 2016 Xbox One — World Wide
4th March 2016 Windows — World Wide
Score 8/10

What Kieran Harris thought:

8.00/10 8

“Far Cry Primal is able to stand out from the pack, throwing in enough new and appealing additions along the way to warrant a full-game release. As somebody who was largely disappointed in how similar Far Cry 4 was to its predecessor, I found Primal to be a breath of fresh air, adding in it’s own new features while still keeping the core mechanics that we’ve grown to love from the series. It would be refreshing if Ubisoft could continue to do more with the series within upcoming installments, possible toying with more settings and time periods to prevent future entries from feeling monotonously familiar.”

Version reviewed: PlayStation 4 Read the full review