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These songs have been featured as either a part of Grand Theft Auto III's licensed soundtrack, or in other mediums connected with the game, such as adverts or promotions.

Double Clef FM

Gaetano Donizetti - Chi mi frena in tal momento (FLAGGED AS MISSING)
Giacomo Puccini - O mio babbino caro (FLAGGED AS MISSING)
Giuseppe Verdi - La donna è mobile (FLAGGED AS MISSING)
Giuseppe Verdi - Libiamo ne'lieti calici (FLAGGED AS MISSING)
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Finch'han del vino (FLAGGED AS MISSING)
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Non piu andrai farfallone amoroso (FLAGGED AS MISSING)

Flashback FM

Amy Holland - She's On Fire (FLAGGED AS MISSING)
Debbie Harry - Rush Rush (FLAGGED AS MISSING)
Elizabeth Daily - I'm Hot Tonight (FLAGGED AS MISSING)
Elizabeth Daily - Shake It Up (FLAGGED AS MISSING)
Paul Engemann - Scarface (Push It to the Limit) (FLAGGED AS MISSING)

Game FM

Agallah & Sean Price - Rising to the Top (FLAGGED AS MISSING)
Black Rob - By a Stranger (FLAGGED AS MISSING)
JoJo Pellegrino - JoJo Pellegrino Freestyle (FLAGGED AS MISSING)
Nature - Nature Freestyle (FLAGGED AS MISSING)
Reef - Scary Movies (Instrumental) (FLAGGED AS MISSING)
Royce Da 5'9 - I'm the King
Royce Da 5'9 - We're Live (Danger)
Royce Da 5'9 Feat. Pretty Ugly - Spit Game (FLAGGED AS MISSING)
Rush - Instrumental Bed 1
Rush - Instrumental Bed 2 (FLAGGED AS MISSING)

Head Radio

Conor and Jay - Change
Craig Gray - Fade Away
Dezma - Life Is But A Mere Supply
Dil-Don't - Stripe Summer
Frankie Fame - See Through You
Scatwerk - Electronic Go Go
Whatever - Good Thing


Scientist - Dance of the Vampires
Scientist - Plague of Zombies
Scientist - The Corpse Rises
Scientist - The Mummy's Shroud
Scientist - Your Teeth In My Neck

Lips 106

April's In Paris - Feels Like I Just Can't Take No More
Boyz 2 Girlz - Pray It Goes Ok?
Da Shootaz - Joyride
Fatamarse - Bump To The Music
Funky BJs - Rubber Tip
Lucy - Forever


Aquasky - Spectre
Calyx - Quagmire
D. Kay - Monolith
Dom & Ryme Tyme - Iceberg
Hex - Force
nCode - Spasm
Omni Trio - First Contact
Rascal & Klone - Get Wild
Rascal & Klone - Winner Takes All
Ryme Tyme - Judgement Day
Ryme Tyme - T Minus

Rise FM

Chris Walsh & Dave Beran - Shake (Revolt Clogrock Remix)
R.R.D.S. - Innerbattle
Shiver - Deep Time
Slyder - Neo (The One)
Slyder - Score (Original Mix)

Note: Some tracks may not be available for streaming. Tracks that were included later in the games lifespan via DLC may not be included.

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