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Phantasy Star: Portable—Role Playing Game by Alfa System.


Developer Alfa System, Sonic Team
Publisher Sega
Franchise Phantasy Star
Platform PlayStation Portable
Genre Role Playing Game
Release Dates
31st July 2008 PlayStation Portable — Japan
3rd March 2009 PlayStation Portable — North America
16th April 2009 PlayStation Portable — Australia
17th April 2009 PlayStation Portable — Europe

What Sarah Nicole Collings thought:

8.00/10 8

“The Phantasy Star series is one I missed the first time it came around, so when Sega released them again years later on the Gameboy Advance I went right out and bought it and I must say I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Since then I have not played any of the recent additions to the series, and there have been quite a few.”

Version reviewed: PlayStation Portable Read the full review

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