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Titanfall 2—First-person Shooter by Respawn Entertainment.


Developer Respawn Entertainment
Publisher Electronic Arts
Franchise Titanfall
Platform Windows
Genre First-person Shooter
Release Dates
28th October 2016 — World Wide

What The_Apothecary thought:

9.00/10 9

“The improvements to the game are much needed, the single player campaign is one of the best I have played this year and as we draw to the close of 2016 I am almost 100% sure that no one will be able to top it, but I am more than willing to be proved wrong! Graphics are fantastic and a treat to the eyes, game modes have increased overall for multiplayer but there is the occasional hit and miss. Also… You CAN hack specters in multiplayer! I don’t know WHY so many people are saying you can’t! ”

Version reviewed: Windows Read the full review