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These songs have been featured as either a part of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater's licensed soundtrack, or in other mediums connected with the game, such as adverts or promotions.

Aim Feat. YZ - Ain't Got Time to Waste
Aquasky - Blue Thunder
Dead Kennedys - Police Truck
Even Rude - Vilified
Goldfinger - Superman
Grand Unified - Le Hot '99
Primus - Jerry Was A Race Car Driver
Speedealer - Screamer / Nothing to Me
Suicidal Tendencies - Cyco Vision
The Ernies - Here and Now
The Suicide Machines - New Girl
The Vandals - Euro-Barge
Unsane - Committed

Note: Some tracks may not be available for streaming. Tracks that were included later in the games lifespan via DLC may not be included.

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