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Explore the world of Arcadia and prevent the Automatons from turning into UNSIGHTED,
featuring a large interconnected world and a deep combat system. The game offers players
tremendous freedom in how they play the game to progress, build their character, all against an actual race against time that has an impact on story and gameplay.



  • PLAYSTYLE: Accessible combat, pixel art graphics, accessibility options, meaningful and interesting crafting choices
  • INNOVATION: Non-linear gameplay and the total freedom of how players progress. Rewarded for exploring the game world with new abilities and progression. Time taken to beat the game has a direct impact on narrative of the game and if certain NPCs survive the story
  • PIXEL ART AND SOUND: Pixel-art graphics paired with a dynamic soundtrack.


Website https://www.humblegames.com/unsighted
Developer Studio Pixel Punk
Publisher Studio Pixel Punk
Platform Nintendo Switch, Windows
Where to buy Unsighted on Steam
Genres Action, Indie
Release Dates
2021 —