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Zoeti is a turn-based roguelike that features a deck of playing cards to create card combos to activate skills in the heat of battle. Bolster your arsenal of skills through battles, discoverable upgrades, or aid from the locals which enhance your plays to overcome the evil plaguing your land.


Website https://en.dusklightgames.com/zoeti
Developer Dusklight CO., LTD.
Publisher Akupara Games
Platform Mac, Nintendo Switch, Windows
Where to buy Zoeti on Steam
Genres Adventure, Strategy
Release Dates
20th April 2023 Windows — World Wide
Score 7½/10

What Alana Dunitz thought:

7.50/10 7½

“Zoeti is a unique twist on the traditional card battle game that feels more like battle poker. The music can get a bit repetitive along with the recycled character images but is still a fun time.”

Version reviewed: Windows Read the full review

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