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BenQ GL2706PQ Review

BenQ GL2706PQ Review

The GL2706PQ is a 27 inch monitor from the BenQ range, aimed at professional use in an office environment. It’s fitted with an LED backlight panel supporting a resolution of 2560 x 1440 (QHD), along with BenQ’s “Flicker-free” technology and their eye saving “Low Blue Light” modes.

At 27 inches, the monitor has quite a substantial footprint on your desk, though this is negated by the higher resolution the monitor offers - you’ll be glad of the extra elbow room to see all of those pixels. There’s the standard array of connections on the back of the monitor, comprising of Displayport, HDMI and DVI inputs, a 3.5mm jack audio input and output, as well as power. Being more of an office based unit, the monitor doesn’t support technologies like Freesync or Gsync but it does have a wide refresh rate support range of 30 - 78 kHz.

In terms of display, it has a vivid and rich tone that makes images feel warm and colourful, and the QHD resolution adds to the image fidelity by way of the increased pixel density over a Full HD monitor at the same size. Sadly though, it has quite large bezels on the edges of the monitor, which would make it unwieldy for use in multiple monitor setups, as there’d be quite the border between the screens. It feels more suited to office desks in this regard.

I played a range of games whilst having the monitor on the test-bench, including Left 4 Dead 2 and some Rocket League. The games looked colourful and played well - I didn’t notice any ghosting as can sometimes be found on cheaper panels — but there was a certain “depth” missing from some of the more expensive screens I’ve used; but this isn’t a problem with the GL2706PQ, moreso the fact that I’ve personally experienced some great screens.

The stand that comes with this unit is of BenQ’s usual high-quality, allowing for a wide range of movement allowing you to get the monitor in the exact location you need it for use. You can also rotate the monitor around 90 degrees to use it in portrait mode, which came in handy when using it for long-form reading and when coding.


BenQ GL2706PQ Review

Overall, the GL2706PQ is a capable monitor, that would suit being on an office desk as much as it would at home. Though there’s better screens out there for the gaming market, they come with their own premium price-points.

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Steven John Dawson

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