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Besiter Eclipse 2 Power Bank Review

Besiter Eclipse 2 Power Bank Review

Power banks are always useful, in our always-on digital world. You can’t guarantee on finding a plug, and if you do there’s probably someone already using it for their gadget -- so what are you to do? Oh, right, I already said power banks…

So that’s where the Eclipse 2 from Besiter comes in -- the one I received to review has a nicely sized 5000mAh battery, which is almost double the size of the one I had been using before, and comes with a flat 25cm (10inch) long USB-to-micro USB cable. It has two types of charging available; 1 amp, or 2.1 amp. The difference between the two all depends on your device -- if it has a form of Fast Charge, then you can use the 2.1A socket with abandon.

Similarly, if it is a tablet, they require a little bit extra, so probably won’t charge on the 1A socket. However, you can also charge two devices at once if you want to. It is also designed to allow you to charge it via USB, whilst you charge other devices, giving you plenty of options.


Of course, the device which I used the Eclipse 2 the most with was my Samsung Galaxy Note 4, which has a 3220 mAh battery as standard. It charges about as quickly if I had it plugged into the wall, but despite the larger battery pack it takes 48% of the battery to charge my Note 4 to full, from 50%.

I can tell exactly how much charge remains in the Eclipse 2, because there is a digital readout. If you pick it up, it detects the movement and displays the remaining power, which is a big step up from four flashing lights on my old power bank…

It is also equipped with an LED, which pulls out from the same side as the display. It is quite bright, and very easy on the battery. Whilst it was stood on my desk with only the LED on, it took about 40 minutes for the battery to drain by 1%.


I was curious about what kinds of device the Eclipse 2 could charge, and honestly it charged everything I plugged into it:

  • A Asus Transformer tablet, which is finicky as heck when it comes to charging.
  • A Hudl tablet.
  • A PlayStation Vita (which I usually charge via my PC’s USB port) was just like having it plugged into the wall.
  • A PlayStation 4 controller, even!

I’m really impressed with the versatility of the Eclipse 2, though do feel that the 10000mAh version would have been more useful. I have a lot of devices that need recharging regularly… As I type, a mini-keyboard, my phone, tablet and Eclipse 2 are charging on the desk beside me...


Besiter Eclipse 2 Power Bank Review

I’m really impressed with the versatility of the Eclipse 2, as it charged everything I plugged into it, even tablets and a Vita.

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Andrew Duncan

Andrew Duncan


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