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Nintendo Switch Lite Review

Nintendo Switch Lite Review

When the Nintendo Switch Lite was first announced I wanted to pre-order it right away. Yes, I did, and got it on launch day. As soon as it arrived, my husband wanted to do an unboxing which you can find by clicking here.

In the box was the Switch Lite, charging plug and instructions, which covers both the original and Lite consoles. Not a lot, but since you can only play games in handheld mode, there’s not a lot that they could put in.

The flaps to insert the Game Card and micro-SD card are stiff and hard to open, but in time I'm sure they will loosen up. The buttons/sticks are easy to press and the sticks are easy to move with no stiffness. I have to say it was the best feeling as the Joy-Cons on our original Switch have started to drift, and it was getting very irritating. The buttons are just like having the Nintendo Switch but it's slightly smaller and you can't feel the sides like on the Switch itself where the Joy-Cons connect. Because it doesn’t actually have Joy-Cons, it’s all fixed together.

The first game I tried out was Pokémon Let's go Pikachu. The screen is perfect for that game, and the quality is just like the original Switch itself. It is a little bit brighter though, even at lower settings.

The Switch Lite is easy to hold and not too heavy. While playing it doesn't get hot in the hands. It does get slightly warm, but that is normal for the original Switch too. It all depends on the game you play.

I decided to test the battery, especially since the Switch Lite is designed to be played away from a plug socket. After one hour with low brightness and a full battery, it dropped down to 79%. With the brightness all the way up, the battery went down to 73%. It also got warmer, which is worth noting.

As an update to the original, the Switch Lite is quite good. As a handheld console it’s fantastic. I really like being able to play Dead By Daylight wherever I am, and recommend the Switch Lite to anyone wanting to break free from their TV.

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Nintendo Switch Lite Review

Great little handheld console for on the go, Ideal Christmas or Birthday present and well worth the money

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Anna Duncan

Anna Duncan

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