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NZXT Puck Review

NZXT Puck Review

The NZXT Puck is a small, silicone based cube, with a notch that allows for a cable to be wrapped around it. Cased within the silicone cube is a strong magnet, with which you can attach the Puck to the side of your computer case (or any other magnetic surface). Overall, the premise is really simple, but an ingenious one that makes storing your headset somewhere a breeze.

You can also split the Puck in half, in order to wrap a longer cable around it more efficiently - a nice bonus to the idea of the Puck that could have been simply overlooked.

And, well, there’s not a great deal more to say about the Puck. It set out to do a particular job and does it well, it comes in a variety of different colours to match your setup and will be able to suit most headsets with aplomb. You can also use it to store your VR headset - with the Puck being able to hold the additional weight of those like the Oculus Rift or Vive, but getting their cables into the “loop” might prove a more frustrating experience.

The Puck does have one other major benefit over other headset mounts that are freestanding - and that is in its ability to not get knocked over during a frantic game of CS:GO. Because it’s attached to your PC, something we hope you aren’t already knocking over on a regular occurrence, then your headset stand shares in the benefits of the weighted box that the Puck is attached to. This has the added benefit of placing your headset parallel to your case - meaning it’s much tougher to be able to accidentally send your headset to its doom when it’s not on your head.


NZXT Puck Review

Great way to keep your headset and cables nice and tidy, without having them falling all over your desk.

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Steven John Dawson

Steven John Dawson

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