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Roccat Noz Headset Review

Roccat Noz Headset Review

Having to find a new headset can be a rather stressful experience. You won’t something that is as good as what you had, will last longer than that one, and will deliver outstanding sound quality no matter the situation. After having spent over a year with the Roccat Khan Pro headset it’s time for me to move on and I’m happy to say that my replacement, a Roccat Noz headset, is a worthwhile successor. Having now spent a few weeks with it I think it’s time to answer the question of if this headset is worth your purchase.

The Roccat Noz headset is designed with comfort in mind and you will notice that from the moment you pick it up. With an overall weight of only 210 grams, you won’t find any trouble from wearing it for prolonged periods of time. To help with comfort the headset uses a premium fabric that maximises comfort without impacting the quality of sound. An added bonus is that it helps with keeping things cool meaning you won’t have to worry about unwanted temperature changes. It might sound trivial but all together these design choices make the Roccat Noz headset an absolute pleasure to wear, with little to no fatigue.

RoccatNoz 2

Moving away from the comfort and into the overall design, an effort has been made to ensure it remains as durable as you would hope. You will find metal hinges and a stainless-steel headband slider to give the headset some reinforcement. I won’t lie that the first few days with the headset I was worried about the durability of it. The Roccat Noz bends and flexes more than I was used to with other headsets but I quickly came to understand the limits of the design, and became comfortable with the build quality.

Now of course the main attraction is the sound quality and the Roccat Noz does not disappoint. Across multiple devices and a range of media including games, films, and even anime. The range of sounds that the headset is able to deliver are solid while not feeling unbalanced. From a technical standpoint, the Roccat Noz won’t be on the same level as other headsets, including some of Roccat’s own, but the average user won’t notice. Besides with how comfortable the headset is the difference in sound quality is worth paying just to have an enjoyable experience.

RoccatNoz 3

The same can be said about the quality of the microphone as well which for the Roccat Noz headset is a detachable one. This microphone, which could be a bit longer to be honest, delivers a solid range of sounds and captures the highs and lows of a users voice. It is noticeable that the quality differs a lot compared to other Roccat headsets but it gets the job done. Laughing and deep breaths can be an issue but once the ideal position is found these don’t cause to much trouble. The microphone definitely isn’t anything to write home about though and simply gets the job done.

Overall, the Roccat Noz headset is an ideal option for anyone looking for a comfortable and reliable headset. Sure, the microphone might be a bit underwhelming and the sound quality isn’t going to break any records, but pros outweigh the cons here. If durability and comfort are your top concerns then I cannot recommend this headset enough. If you want the absolute top sound quality then maybe this isn’t for you. If you are not fussed about that though, then give these a go. Seriously, it’s like you're not wearing anything on your head.


Roccat Noz Headset Review

The Roccat Noz headset provides impression comfort and sound quality in at a reasonable price point. If you are want something that will last while remaining lightweight then look no further than this headset.

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