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Snakebyte BATTERY:KIT SX Review

Snakebyte BATTERY:KIT SX Review

Anyone that ever asks me: “What is a good thing to go alongside a new console?”, I will undoubtedly respond with “Rechargeable batteries for the controllers”. There’s a couple of reasons for this, first and foremost, using standard AA batteries is costly, especially when something is new and shiny and getting a lot of playtime. Secondly, disposing of used batteries is something that should be done properly and not just dumped in a bin. Lastly, rechargeable batteries like those in the Snakebyte BATTERY:KIT SX means that the gaming need not stop even when the juice is running low.

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Inside the box, you’ll get two rechargeable 800 mAh batteries, a dual headed USB-C cable for charging them both at the same time with, and a manual on how to use them properly. These particular batteries will only fit newer Xbox controllers that come with the Series S or X. Or, the controllers that have the share button in the middle. This is because a slight redesign of the controller has meant that the battery cover shape is ever so slightly different.

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What’s nice about these particular batteries is that they’re also compatible with Snakebyte’s controller stands that also charge the batteries, as they have the two contact patches on the rear. Pair this kit up with a stand, and you should never have to worry about running out of battery power again. 800 mAh may be a little on the shorter side in terms of charge length, getting you somewhere in the region of three to four hours per charge, but, when you consider that you can hook up the included USB-C cable to an external battery pack, you can still maintain some semblance of wireless control, without having to tether yourself back to the console.


Snakebyte BATTERY:KIT SX Review

A nice little kit that will go ideal alongside for someone receiving a new Series S or X. The 800 mAh battery might seem short lived at just over three hours use, but for the average gamer, that should be more than enough. USB-C and being able to charge as you play means that it should never become a problem.

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Steven John Dawson

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