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snakebyte DUAL CHARGE:BASE S Review

snakebyte DUAL CHARGE:BASE S Review

Since it has given both the Xbox X|S & PlayStation 5 a device to charge your controllers, snakebyte didn’t want to miss out the Nintendo Switch. As with most snakebyte products, the name tells you all that you need to know - it’s a base that charges in two ways.

In the box you get the base itself, a 1.2m long USB-C cable and a Pro Controller charging adaptor. The base is little more than a chunk of plastic, so the construction is very solid. In the middle is a space to place your Switch dock, and at the back are 10 slots to place game cases in. The front is where things get interesting, with an outline to place a wireless Pro Controller to plug it in, with a slot on either side for a Joy-Con to charge. This is capped off with the company logo, and three arrows to show the charging status of any controllers currently plugged in.

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Thanks to the adaptor, you won’t need to plug your controller in every time it needs a charge. The way it’s designed, just plug the adaptor into your controller, then you can place it down in the groove, where the adaptor will connect to two pins. Since my kids occasionally have had trouble putting the Switch into the dock, it’s clear that some people just need these things to be easier.

To power the base, and thus the charging points, you simply plug the supplied USB cable into the back of the Switch dock, then lead the cable around and underneath to plug into the base.

I honestly didn’t know what to expect with the DUAL CHARGE:BASE, but as I said everything is right there on the front of the box. It’s great for keeping all of your Switch stuff together, charges some spare Joy-Cons and the wireless Pro Controller, and keeps your games close by. There’s not much to it, and there doesn’t have to be. If you only have digital games and no Pro Controller, then it’s less useful, but the opposite is also true.


snakebyte DUAL CHARGE:BASE S Review

Simple in design and does everything you would expect it to, a must-have for those who want a tidier space.

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Andrew Duncan


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