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Venom Gaming Essentials Kit for Switch Lite

Venom Gaming Essentials Kit for Switch Lite

I was asked to do another Venom review, this time it's for the Venom Gaming Essentials Kit for the Switch Lite. In the box there is the Protective Case, a Screen Protector, Cleaning Cloth, Cleaning Wipes (Dry and Wet), Earbuds and Thumb Grips.

I didn't really need the Screen Protector as I already had one attached to my Switch Lite, so I moved that aside along with the Cleaning Wipes which came with a Dry and Wet one. The description on the packet (for those wondering what is the point of a wet and a dry wipe), the dry wipe says “cleans and shines surface” and the wet is to “removes excess dirt”.

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I then looked at the Thumb Grips, it took me some time to attach them as they were fiddly to put on but once they were it was easier to hold your thumbs on the sticks. However, they are easy to remove if you don’t actually like them.

Next I picked up the Protective Case. The case itself is hardish on the outside and a soft material on the inside. I placed my Switch Lite inside the case, which has two elastic bands to hold your console in place. In the top part of the case there is a mesh pocket where you can store your Cleaning Cloth and Thumb Grips (if not attached) but there is no place to put your Game Cards unless you put them loose in the mesh pocket.

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When I closed and zipped up the case once my Switch Lite was inside, I noticed there is no carry handle. How was I meant to carry the case without a handle? I guess it’s alright if you’re putting it in a bag to protect your Switch Lite, but if you wanted to carry it you are more at risk dropping it than you would if it had a handle.

As the Venom Gaming Essentials Kit came with earbuds, I plugged them in. As I placed the left one in I wondered why I could hear something, even before I had a game selected. I took it out then put the plug back in, and the sound of it was just not right. It sounded like someone had scrunched up a ball of tin foil right next to your ear and then I put the right ear in and it sounded worse. Once they were in my ears and I turned the volume up to a suitable level I gave Dead by Daylight a go, as I know that you need to listen carefully for the killer.

51yW7oZ3F1L. AC SL1157

Whilst playing Dead by Daylight the sound came through the earbuds clearly. Unfortunately, I couldn't last any longer than five minutes with the earbuds sat in as my ears started to hurt. I’m not sure why they started to hurt as they weren't too big or too small for my ears and I didn’t push them in all the way, and I am used to buds that sit inside the ears so it wasn’t my ears getting used them.

I also asked my husband if he could check to see if the earbuds sounded like tin foil, and he agreed so it wasn’t me that just thought it. I did take a closer look at the earbuds and saw no reason to why they sounded so bad when you place them inside the ear.

Above all, the case is perfect to protect your Switch Lite whilst traveling inside a bag and to prevent your Switch Lite from getting damage. Of course, I didn’t try dropping the case while my Switch Lite was inside or try stepping on it so I'm not sure how well it is stable for that sort of thing, but if you are traveling and you place it inside your bag then it will be well protected.


Venom Gaming Essentials Kit for Switch Lite

I have decided that it is neither good nor bad only for the fact that it has no handle, no place for your Game Cards and the earbuds sound like tin foil when you place them in your ears.

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