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Ballz Review

Ballz Review

If there is a household name for simplistic mobile puzzle games it has to be Ketchapp Studios. If you have owned a phone and downloaded a simple looking game out of boredom, it is more than likely that it was created by these people. With games under their belt like the apt titles of Hop, Stack and ZigZag, Ketchapp Studios is the pinnacle for addictive but simple challenge games.

Ballz is a simple enough concept. You shoot coloured balls at equally colourful blocks that appear on screen to reduce the number in the centre and destroy them before they reach the bottom of the screen, picking up more ball ammunition as you go. The balls bounce off of any surface they hit, making it possible to pull off trick shots that will break a lot of blocks at once. That’s it. That is the entire game.


Why write a review on something so simplistic? Well, it is the fact that the game is so addictive. You may think that you will be immune to the allure of coloured dots bouncing around your screen destroying those dastardly blocks. You are wrong. The satisfaction gained from wiping your screen of the coloured square devils with your trusty round army is a thing to behold. As you climb to greater heights, and you start to come across blocks with health in the hundreds, the amount of pressure you feel as the blocks descend is exhilarating.

Anyone thinking they will get bored of the game is sure to be convinced by the Ketchapp cosmetic changes you can buy with money you earn in each run. You can use your hard earned coins, which you pick up during the game itself, to purchase different coloured balls. The only thing that I would complain about with this game is that the purchase packs are shaded out so you cannot actually tell what colour you are buying until you have already spent the hard earned two hundred coins. This is a feature in most Ketchapp games and is something that I personally find extremely off-putting.


The problem with this game is simple. The fact is, the game does one thing. It does that one thing well, but it is just a one trick pony. Once you have mastered the bouncing of balls against your screen and scored decently high (I personally know someone whose game crashed because he was in the thousands) there is nothing much to keep you invested besides, of course, the completion of your colour collection. This is the unfortunate byproduct of being a game made for a casual gamer audience.

However, getting back to smashing blocks with a new, better, coloured ball army quickly makes me see past this. What we can expect from Ketchapp in the future is probably a lot more highly addictive, highly competitive, casual games. Seeing as the company has released more than one hundred games as of May 2017, the fact that there doesn’t seem to be any sight of them slowing down is seriously impressive. With all this in mind the game deserves a 6/10. Simplistic, yet addictive.

6.50/10 6½

Game is enjoyable, outweighing the issues there may be.

A good casual game that will keep you entertained in between the moments of your life where you are actually gaming. Another good game from Ketchapp Studios.

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Micah Brogan

Micah Brogan

Staff Writer

Writing about games, and Dark Souls, because that is more than a game, it is life.

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swimmeyfish - 05:54pm, 18th July 2017

I find myself deleting and re-downloading this game on a daily basis. I'm stuck in the Ketchapp loop!

Mordanon Vihl
Mordanon Vihl - 05:56pm, 18th July 2017 Author

Oh the Ketchapp loop. The bane of my existence! XD