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Electronia Review

Electronia Review

With a minimalist design, simple gameplay, and nice puzzle progression, Electronia is a beautiful game. The first published product of mobile developer BinaryWonders, this artfully done title will keep you entertained for quite a while as you think your way around 50 increasingly challenging levels. Even better, it is premium, meaning no ads or in-app purchases once you buy it for £1.49. That is the best kind of app, ever.

Electronia is a puzzle game with an electronics theme, where you’re tasked with transporting an electron to a light bulb through wires. Don’t be put off by the sciency aspects if you’re not into that stuff -- it is just a nice concept that ties the game together. You don’t need an engineering degree to play Electronia, as the electronics concepts perfectly fill a gameplay function and do not delve into niche details.

You release the electrons through the wire by pressing a cathode (read: button), and among the way you have switches that change the connection between wires and by extension, the path the electron takes. Throughout its 50 levels, the game keeps things fresh by constantly adding new gameplay mechanics and puzzle elements, elevating what was once a very simple and straightforward level to almost Escheresque levels of complications. However, Electronia game artfully avoids ever becoming frustrating, as all levels manage to strike the right mix of difficulty and simplicity. The earlier levels are easy, but the later ones require just the right amount of thinking to make you feel as if you’ve accomplished something without putting you off with ungracious and unwarranted demands.

electronia 2

Escher just had an orgasm.

The game design is beautifully minimalistic, with a clean colour palette and very crisp artwork, creating a sharp and smooth art design. The music is ordinary and barely noticeable, while the sound effects do not add much to the experience. Both aspects of audio design are perfectly serviceable, and do not detract from the experience in any way.

If you enjoy puzzle games, this worthy mobile title should definitely be on your library. It provides the right amount of difficulty per level and creates a very relaxing and positive user experience, and developers possessed with the acumen to not bombard its players with discourteous requests for money should always be praised -- especially in today’s boorish market. Electronia costs only £1.49 and is an extraordinarily lovely little game, and as such it is well deserving of your support.

8.50/10 8½

electronia (Reviewed on Android)

This game is great, with minimal or no negatives.

A brilliantly executed minimalist puzzle game.

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