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My Pet Village: Pet Café Management Game Review

My Pet Village: Pet Café Management Game Review

There’s bringing your dog to work, and there’s putting your dog to work. In My Pet Village, not only do you get to work with your dog, but other animals too as you run your café! This is an animal lover’s dream, is it not?

Created by Pivot Games, My Pet Village: Pet Café Management Game, is the full name of this mobile title. The basic premise is laid out right there for you, you are running a café with your pets, and oh is there time management. Like most titles similar to this, you will need to place orders for supplies, buy upgraded equipment to make more money, and tend to all of your customers. All in all, it keeps things very fast pace, bringing it very close to being a screen-tapper.

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The second I opened this game, I was a bit taken by it, I'll admit. The art style is adorable, and straight off the bat you're given one of the cutest dogs in the world as your sidekick: a corgi. I think we can all agree that corgis are just precious as it is, but a little cartoon corgi that gets you strawberries for your orders? Come on. My Pet Village wins a bit just on being cute. The thing is, though, the dog also adds to the time management. When you send your animals to get different things they're assigned to, you must also remember to feed and water them, give them attention. There is a lot going on in this game.

There is in-game currency of course, as well as diamonds that you can get in rewards or purchase with real money. With the diamonds, you can purchase other items such as speed boosts known as time tokens, special items, and of course, more in-game currency or coins. In My Pet Village, you can also adopt more pets from the pet hotel, and it seems that the longer you play, the more places in the village there will be to visit. You can build your own village, more or less, along with running the café.

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Although having a lot going on can be a good thing, there are also times it can be a drawback. There are moments that the amount of activity in this title can seem a bit overwhelming. There are constant quests along with all of the orders, but completing the quests is incredibly easy. This is a game designed to be a time filler, and it does indeed do that. It's also hard to pull your eyes away from it as there's always something that needs your attention.

My Pet Village is made well from what I experienced, though there are some complaints of bugs from other users on the Google Play page. While going through some of the reviews on the page, I did see something I always appreciate. Pivot Games responded to quite a few of the reviews stating specific issues, offering insight or apologising for inconveniences. It's always a plus when the developer is willing to be so in contact with its player base, especially when a game has been downloaded as many times as this one, in the 500,000 to 1,000,000 range.

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All in all, this game is well made and a great distraction. If you need a time filler or just want something that will take your mind off of everything else, My Pet Village is a good place to look. It's easily addictive as well, as it feels very rewarding when you finish tasks so quickly and leveling up seems to go fast. Also, dealing with adorable dogs, cats, and more down the road absolutely helps in making a person want to play just to get more pets! Speaking of... I'm just gonna go see what animal is next, and the one after that, and the one after that. This game is definitely worth a download, especially for animal lovers.

8.50/10 8½

This game is great, with minimal or no negatives.

This game is a great time filler with adorable animals and cute animations. There's rarely any downtime, so be prepared to stay busy with this one, which could seem overwhelming to some. Though the cuteness makes the pace pretty worthwhile.

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