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Overtake Review

Overtake Review

Overtake is a game where you literally overtake other vehicles on a highway going a completely ludicrous speed. Overtake allows you to take control of the most prestigious vehicles on the market to completely leave everyone else in the dust. Overtake is one of many traffic racing games to come out in recent years. However, it does do some of the right things to set itself apart.

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Overtake does vehicle handling very well! There are some driving games on Google Play that have really bad handling, but Overtake’s tilt steering felt responsive and accurate to your movement.Take note developers; this game showcases how you do mobile steering. Vehicular physics are what you would expect from such a game, low budget and barebones. This doesn’t mean that it’s awful, it just doesn’t set itself apart from any other mobile racer in this respect. One major detriment to the cars is their lack of a damage model. I really enjoy to see the carnage of a wreck in Nascar or Formula, so the absence of this damage when you wreck is rather disappointing. This game makes up for its barebones elements with a fun, goal-oriented, stage-based challenge mode and its interesting multiplayer mode. The single-player mode is fairly basic but fun. You follow a circuit around the world as you beat time trials, survival modes, and a slipstream mode. The multiplayer mode is a one versus one face off with a worldwide leaderboard. These multiplayer face offs are on the same levels as the single-player, but the added competitive element increases the tension of the situation.

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Overtake doesn’t have a massive amount of downsides but it does have a to-do list to finish. Making the game a little less of a grind would certainly increase the fun factor and replay-ability of the game. They also probably need to change their car models just a little bit to avoid possible legal trouble. Other than these two gripes of mine there really isn’t anything wrong with this game. I wholly recommend it if you are a fan of traffic racing games.

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8.00/10 8

This game is great, with minimal or no negatives.

Overtake is a pretty solid traffic racing game, but it has its share of problems. The game doesn't have a damage model and it's a bit of a grind. Other than these two problems there really isn’t anything wrong with this game. I wholly recommend it if you are a fan of traffic racing games.

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Mason Aschenbrenner

Mason Aschenbrenner

Mobile Writer

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