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World of Drones War on Terror Review

World of Drones War on Terror Review

If you’ve ever wanted to fly a drone but can’t afford one, try this game. World of Drones War on Terror may not have the best title- a little wordy -but the game isn’t too bad. Like most games, there are ups and downs, but once you get an idea as to how to play the game, it’s actually kind of fun.

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The Main Screen of the Game

Available on iOS and Android, World of Drones War on Terror is exactly as it sounds, a war game where the player flies a drone. There are seventeen different missions that grow harder and harder as you go, which is pretty typical. What’s nice is the terrain seems to change at least, giving the game variety. In each mission, there are a select number of targets that you must kill or destroy to complete it. The problem, however, is you aren’t really shown what the targets are.

The first time I played, I wasn’t entirely sure what was going on. I accidentally killed quite a few of my own people, in fact, and I still feel kinda bad about that. Once I finally caught onto what the game was trying to tell me though it was a little bit easier. On the screen, you have a crosshair and once you reach or are near a target, the crosshair become active and moves toward the target you are supposed to hit. There’s still a bit of guessing going on, but as long as the player follows what the crosshairs are trying to lead toward, it’s doable.

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As World of Drones War on Terror is a war/action title, you play as a drone that is in an active warzone. Around you are people on your side and your enemies. There isn’t really anything to distinguish the good from the bad, so pay attention to the crosshairs. Speaking of, the crosshairs also have important information, such as your life bar, accuracy, and if your guns overheat.

Developed by WARDOX and made using the Unity engine, the graphics are nice, especially the look of the drones as well as the water. There are no ads in the game, but there are in app purchases. Upgrades and additional weapons for your drone can be purchased with coins that can either be bought with real money or gained through completing missions.

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Once I figured out how the game was played, it was easier of course, but at first it was frustrating. There was no tutorial and I had to figure out just what I was doing, exactly. As I said earlier, I killed quite a few of my own people by accident because I wasn’t clear as to what was a target and what wasn’t. Innocent people die when there are no tutorials.

A tutorial or at least something to point out the targets would be very beneficial. As it was, I was pretty much flying blind, pun intended. At least you do know the amount of targets in each level, the number written in the upper right hand corner. That helps a bit. Some of the targets are vehicles such as boats or tanks, some are people. The people can be a little harder to hit due to size, but it can be done. Though they have weapons as well, so watch out for missiles especially. At the end of each level, there is a status report, and something like that before each level would be wonderful.

Once I got a hold of how to play World of Drones War on Terror, it was fun. Possibly the most fun part was destroying buildings. It reminded me of playing Battlefield Bad Company and Battlefield Bad Company 2 where total destruction was not just possible, but encouraged. For gamers looking for a war game on the go, this one is pretty good. With a few tweaks, such as a target list or a short tutorial, it could be great.

6.50/10 6½

Game is enjoyable, outweighing the issues there may be.

A tutorial would be beneficial. As it stands now, the game isn't too complicated once the player sorts out what the targets are.

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