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2XKO, Formerly Riot Games' Project L, Gets a Year in Preview for 2024 and Beyond

Officially, Project L has entered a new developmental phase and has now changed its name to the official 2XKO, based on the games' 2v2 tag fighter genre. After the official announcement of the new phase, released in the official 2XKO YouTube channel is a brand-new, nearly three-minute video showcasing information for what you can expect in the coming year and leading up to the game's release.

After many thought Project L (and Project F) were cancelled due to the massive layoffs that hit Riot Games just a few weeks ago, we wrote an article touching on the possible future for both of these unnamed projects, stating Dylan Jajeda's emphasis on the R&D branch and his own words about the progress for Project L. And now, we're seeing the fruits of the labour that has been ongoing since the original Riot Pls 10-Year Anniversary Celebration four years ago.

We've already touched on the gameplay elements that were revealed and the game's name in the announcement trailer — this time, we're looking into the Year in Preview 2024 | 2XKO (Project L) video that released in the same channel, where Tom Cannon, the executive producer of 2XKO, talks a bit about the future of the game and how 2024 and 2025 will affect its developmental state.

Year in Preview 2024 2XKO Project L 1 0 screenshot

In short, 2XKO is being heavily community-led after user reception at Evo, and Tom Cannon shares that a playable demo will take part in Evo Japan, but they're not only going to be at big expositions and events, though what that means is yet to be announced. In the meantime, however, it was also announced that there is a possibility for at-home testing for 2XKO, where you can sign-up for the playtests and take a quick survey. From the video, it seems that Riot Games' approach to their fighting game will be heavily led by player feedback and veterans of the fighting genre, which might be a good indicator for its upcoming release.

And for when 2XKO is coming out, Tom Cannon shared that it will reach its full release state in 2025, though whether that is early or late next year is yet to be confirmed. You can look forward to more player-focused demos for everyone to try out and affect the game through player feedback, and expect 2XKO to release sometime next year for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC

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